The Fantendo Pokémon League is, like the in-game Pokémon League, a group of the thirteen most powerful trainers in the region (or wiki). They have not recruited many members as of now, but hope to eventually recruit the remaining five members.

As of June 1st, 2011, all official FPL members must have Pokémon Black or White, as all battles will be taking place in Generation V. Any members that do not have a Generation V game will be temporarily disqualified from official FPL battles until they have a Generation V game.


Gym Leaders

Gym members can be found Fantendo Pokémon League/Members.

  1. (None yet)
  2. Cobweb (tbc)File:QQQ.gif
  3. (None yet)
  4. (None yet)
  5. (None yet)
  6. Stelios7 (tbc)Type Water: Azumarill, Dewgong, Blastoise, Pelipper, Gyarados, Empoleon (CURRENTLY NO WI-FI ON DS!)
  7. (None yet)
  8. (None yet)

Elite Four

  1. 1337doomType Ghost) (NOT CONFIRMED)
  2. (None yet)
  3. (None yet)
  4. Spark01Type Psychic: Beheeyem, Solosis, Alakazam)

CHAMPION: Uil TeamFile:QQQ.gif: Electivire, Whimsicott)

Battle Videos

Put codes for your FPL battle vides here.

  • 00-00000-00000 - ? VS ?


See Fantendo Pokémon League/Rules, for the rules!

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