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Developer(s) ZetaLabsLogo
Publisher(s) FantendoLogo2014Large
Platform(s) The V²
Thermo Z
Genre(s) Board
Release Date(s)
January 30, 2016
If you want this game on your fanmade console, then request on the comments. I will be accepting DLC characters and boards only after I get most of the page done. You can still sign up hosts and boards, so if you want to sign-up go for it!

Fantendo Party (known in universe as Fantendo Party: The Reality Show) is a board game developed by Zeta Labs and published by Fantendo. It is a crossover between many different Fantendo series, although one that is not canon and not related to the New Fantendoverse storyline. The game takes place inside a reality show with the same name, hosted by a mysterious person known as The Host (from Fantendo Funfair) who invites many Fantendo characters to participate in a series of challenges in which a mysterious reward will be given to the one that wins all of them.

The game is based off Mario Party, but it has unique concepts of it's own. The Story Mode puts the player alongside 15 other random selected characters and the player has to make alliances and interact with other characters so that they don't get kicked off by the public at the end of the week. Before the voting to kick someone out begins though, a board is played and the winner of the board gains immunity for the voting of that week.


Fantendo Party is a board game based on Mario Party, but it is not really just a Mario Party clone. The game is inspired by reality shows and as such, the boards and minigames are only a part of the full game content. Players take control of their preferred Fantendo character and participate in one season of the Fantendo Party, alongside 15 randomized opponents. The game takes place through out 15 weeks, with which day being 30 minutes in real life. Each week, there is three predetermined events: Immunity Challenge, Reward Challenge and then Voting. The Immunity Challenge (that takes place on Wedesnday) takes place in the boards, while the Reward Challenges (that takes place in Saturday) are usually logic or skill based minigames. The voting (that occours on Sunday) takes two things in factor for voting: the character's relationships and the character's skills. Usually, a character with good relationship with the crew has less chance of being voted of while a character with less skill in the Reward/Immunity Challenges has a higher chance to be voted off. After the voting ends, the two characters with the most votes are sent off to be voted off by the public. Characters with good reputation are usually the ones that don't get voted off. At the third week, the group is separted into three teams.


The Popularity Meter.

In terms of actual gameplay, the game is an unique one. Players can go around the Fantendo Mansion and interact with other users with a select choice of conversation topics, that may increase or decrease the character's relationship. As previously mentioned, this is something that affects voting and later teams, since teams decides which players will go for the reward challenges. But it is still a reality show and the public needs to get in somehow and as such, there is also the popularity meter. The popularity meter is separted into two bars, one for "Good" and one for "Bad". Doing "Bad" deeds will increase the "Bad" meter and the same applies for the "Good" meter. This is not always the case, as in some situations, both bars can rise, due different people in the public having a different opinion on your actions.

Now for the boards gameplay. Each board is selected by random and the winner of the board (in Season mode) becomes immune for the voting. Each board is hosted by a different character and the character will often give the players rewards if they reach certain quotas (for example, attracting 1000 customers to Stanley's Chaotic Circus will make Stanley award the player with 100 Unten Coins). Like in Mario Party, there are different spaces with different events that happens if the player lands on them, Unten Coins are used for currency and serves to buy Aqua Spheres, there is minigames after everyone has played etc. Unlike Mario Party, the game is not turn-based and everyone plays their turn at the same time. Once everyone played their turn, it ends and a minigame plays. At the end of the board, the one with the most Aqua Spheres wins.

Game Modes

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All-Stars is the "Story Mode" of this game. In this mode, all the Fantendo All-Stars (aka 20 playable characters, plus an extra season with all the remaining 12 characters) all compete in two season, which is considered one season. This is scripted different from Season Mode that has random events. For each week, the player takes control of one of the contestants. At the end of the two seasons, the 10 highest placed players from both seasons go for a final one.


Season Mode is a mode in which the player goes into a full season. Players will be able to interact with other characters, create relationships/alliances, participate in challenges, don't get voted off and win the cash award at the end.


Free Play is a mode in which the players only play one board, similar to Mario Party.


Survivor is a mode similar to Season Mode, but instead of being on a mansion it takes place in an island. It also adds survivor game mechanics into the mix.


VIPs is a mode in which instead to play as the Fantendo characters, players will be able to play as their avatars (be Miis or others depending of the console).


Multiplayer in which the players can other modes with friends locally or online. Players will be able to crossplay with the other consoles on multiplayer.


Playable Characters

Character Description
Alice Harumi MoFS New
Alice Harumi
Bombell FRL
Nizzle and Zorp by Nano
Nizzle and Zorp
Dawn Shadows 2016
Dawn Shadows
Rose Gallagher New
Rose Gallagher
Taylor MaleTaylor Female
Amy Jackson Exo
Amy Jackson

Downloadable Characters



Starting Boards

Quentin Pérez's Book of Fantastic Tales
Giggles's Clown Classes

Downloadable Boards







Production Company Stardust Citadel
Movies DC Cinematic Universe (& Sr.Wario (tbc))

Batman vs. Superman
Batman: Riddles in the Dark
Wonder Woman & The Justice Society
Green Lanterns
Green Arrow: The Outlaw Archer
The Flash: Terminal Velocity
Teen Titans
Superman: New Krypton
Suicide Squad

Eternikaverse Hama the Mercenary (comic)
Hama & Corshama (comic)
Fantendo Forces: BioGen (animated film)
Eternika (game)
Other Projects Sonic the Hedgehog: Remastered
Sonic: 25 Years Later
Kirby: Odyssey of Dreams

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