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Fantendo Park
Developer(s) Fantendo
Publisher(s) Rowan Productions
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
Story Mode, Multiplayer, Wi-Fi, Minigames, Options
Age Rating(s)
Rating Pending
Genre(s) Carnival
Media Included Wii Disk

Fantendo Park is a game made by Rowan Productions. It features Fantendo Characters, and they have to beat all games to get the jumbo prize. Fantendo Park resembles an amusement park.

Multiplayer Modes

  • Laser Tag
  • Minigames (local exclusive)
  • Story (Local exclusive)

Playable Characters

To unlock a character, you must beat its game.

Character Name Character Pic Original Series How to unlock
Willy WillyMarioBro Mighty Willy Universe Starter Character
Jen JenMarioBro Mighty Willy Universe Beat Water Gun Master
Woofbot Woofbot Mighty Willy Universe Beat Shoot the Goombas
Meowbot Meowbot Mighty Willy Universe Beat Balloon Blow
Joan PrincessJoan Mighty Willy Universe Beat Dance Star
Bill Y Bill Y Bill Y Beat Mega Vision

Carnival Games

The game is beaten when all games are played. After that, they can play the games in story mode for high score.

For Boss Games, put N/A for Character Unlocked.

Game Name Host How to win Dangers Bonus Character Unlocked
Water Gun Master Jen Pop the balloon in the clown None None Jen
Shoot The Goombas Woofbot Using water gun, hit the goombas Do not hit the Marios Shoot the powerups for bonus points Woofbot
Balloon Blow Meowbot Who can pop their balloon first using their air pumps? None More speed = More Points Meowbot
Dance Star Joan Dance as many steps as possible Mess-ups More correct = More Points Joan
Mega Vision Bill Y Spot the stuff on your list Wrong guesses Find something not on your list on your board Bill Y
Colorblind Master Coloura Color by character Wrong colors None N/A

Add the minigame to unlock your character

Bad Guys

Limit 2 villians per user.

Ocasionally, Villians attack, and you have to beat their minigame

Character Name Character Pic Original Series Game to beat
Master Coloura
Master Colora

Master Coloura

Mighty Willy Universe



  • This is the first Rowan productions games not developed by Rowan productions

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