The castle kept crumbling.

No matter where you turned, there would be holes in the marble floors, or support pillars blocking the way. Not to mention cannonballs in the stained glass windows. And the walls. And the tapestries.

And imagine the people who HAD to make their way through the debris.

Mostly the king.

"King Untenus!," Zerit yelled. Zerit, the king's assistant (and caretaker), was always loyal to King Untenus, always staying by his side whenever he needed her. And she was also an acrobat.

Which made it easy to grab someone and climb walls.

"I'm sorry, my liege, but I need to protect you!"

"I have a sword, Zerit! Netnulin needs to be stopped!"

"Um, can I help?"

"No. You've helped enough, Zerit. You can rest when we make it out."

She wanted to say no. She wanted to say Netnulin can be stopped by her, too. But she didn't. This royal king, who was in grave danger, needed to be saved.

"I see the front door up ahead!," Untenus yelled, pointing his sword towards a big brown door.

Suddenly, Zerit heard a rumbling, and looked up. Another pillar was going to fall, blocking Untenus' path of escape. In a quick burst, she threw Untenus below the pillar...

And got crushed beneath it.

Once dust surrounded the castle, all sound was drowned out. Eventually, when Untenus opened his eyes, the dust was clearing, and he saw the pillar which crushed his friend.

All that was left was the black and white blood leaking from under the pillar. Zerit was dead.

"No... Zerit..."

Untenus leaked out a few tears before the castle floor fell apart. Looking back, he ran through the entrance and onto the mainland.

He turned around just in time to see his castle falling into the sinkhole below. No one would ever go down there and fix it. No one would ever fix the hole.

"Miss it, huh?"

Netnulin was laughing, his cape on tattered.

"Well, guess what? MY life was destoryed, too. BY YOU. So it's just a little revenge. And..."

Netnulin sneered, holding out a...weapon. It was filled with a blue liquid of sorts, and it was aimed right at Untenus.

"Netnulin, why do you do this?!," Untenus yelled, holding up his sword.

" ruined my LIFE!!!!"


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