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Fantendo Mythologies (also known as Myths of Fantendoverse) is a party fighting game developed by Endgame Enterprises and published by Fantendo. This game basically showcasing some of the untrue and imaginary information of the New Fantendoverse. Also you will face characters randomly throughout the game, so get ready for that.


Unlike other Fantendo fighting games like Fantendo Smash Bros., etc, this game actually consists of damaging the player with attacks of yours and changing fighting styles until their health bar is fully depeleted. You can also knock opponents of the sections of stages (can be seen by the yellow lines) until you hit them into a Ring Out (which can be seen by the red lines), which automatically makes the victim lose the match. You can also do finishers which involves a character doing a special move when the health of the opponent is at 0%, where they will do the move in a brutal way.

There are also modes in the game like Mythologytelling (hosted by Mytho and her sister Fals), Fantendoverse Exploring where you explore the wonderful places and areas in Fantendo (you'll automatically play as Unten for the game) and Chef Smelly's Recipe (where you mix items into a secret item that cannot be found ingame or get a Mistake).



Playable Characters

Character Attributes Advantages and Disadvantages Special Move
  • Balanced stats
  • Balanced stats.


  • Balanced stats




Fantendoverse Exploring


Chef Smelly's Recipe



  • TBA


Fantendo Mythologies/Gallery

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