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Fantendo Mush is a game in which you can add anything, initially created by AgentMuffin (tbc) (who is not necessarily responsible for any of this article's content) and built from the ground up by the Fantendo community.

It's rated M for "Gore, Gore, Gore, Blood, Sex, Nudity, Gore, Gore, Topless Women, Gore, Blood." as the WGAS (who gives a shit) organization said, shortly before killing themselves. The boxart shows Trip impaling Laria however this is not in the game becuase Trip impales (spoiler alert) PIRT at the end not laria.


Fantendo Mush is a 3D third-person fighting game inspired by Banjo-Kazooie. You play as the young Trip who has finally won his dad's samurai sword (who was a samurai for 10 years). However, his dad has been stolen by the evil Kria and Trip must fight through 8 worlds (then the final world and the bonus world) collecting pieces of his dads various items such as his black belt. To attack enemies, you change between the 3 playable characters to  fight them - Trip, who attacks with a sword, Laria who attacks with her claws, and Pirt who can shoot things with his slingshot.

Statistics include the typical Health, Attack, Speed, Accuracy, and Defense, as well as Fluff, which is the most important stat in the game. That sentence will not be followed up on.

There's also a racing mode, because why not?


  • Trip, the protagonist.
  • Laria, the protagionist's pet bear.
  • Pirt, the protagionist's best friend. Also gets killed.
  • Memerino, the silly, cute gag character added to pander to young children.
  • Planey, an anthropomorphic Boeing 747.
  • Racing Rage, a car who attempts to brutally run you over and put you on his toast. Also if you have too much Fluff he will engage in car sex.
  • Ninjaboy, the first boss you face who is guarding the final piece of your dad's black belt.
  • Sexgirl, the second boss you face who is guarding the final piece of your dad's underwear. She is completely nude but you can switch that off in settings.
  • Partythirdgender, the third boss you face who is guarding the final piece of your dad's favorite hat. This boss has no purpose to exist, but at least it's a reference.


The game's levels are split up into 10 different Worlds, each having 4 to 6 Stages in them as well as a Boss Stage.

  • World 1: List-article Land (LaL for short)
  • World 2: Hellfire Mountain (HM for short)
  • World 3: Titty Mountain (TM for short)

Power Ups

  • Pillow Pillow: Turns the character that uses it into a pillow. Lowers attack, defense, accuracy, speed, and health, but increases fluff.


  • Fluff Analyzer: Sees if you have enough fluff to pass as a pillow. If not enough fluff, you will proceed to get your limbs torn off.

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