Character Image Description Role
Unten 150px Surprise, surprise, Unten's back!  He is the leader of all of the Fantendo characters.  He and Pesh discuss the plans of, like, everything, including invasions and tea parties. Hero
Netnu NetnuNew Netnu is back with a League of Villains!  He leads all of the villains and commands them to do all of his dirty work.  He swears to kill Unten one day... Villain
Pesh Fafpesh He and Unten discuss many plans together in the show.  He fights couragously, not fearing to take on any enemy...even dragons.  He does land in many perils though. Hero
Data DataYE A strong and silent type, Data is a cyborg who can turn his robotic arm into all sorts of weapons. Hero
Mika Sho Mika sho 2014 Fortunately for the team, this fire-possessing girl isn't all that short tempered.  She is kind, intelligent, and cunning. Hero
Hardwire YEhardwireYE Villain
Dawn Shadows Dawn Concept Hero
Flip the Frog 150px Flip is a hero with amazing skills. He hasn't done hero buisness in awhile, so when he's signed up to be a hero, he's more than happy! He seems to be in love with a certain someone, though... Hero
Jake Jake2014 Hero
Lee Koroshi-Ya Lee Koroshi-Ya Neutral
Hugo Hugo by Tom Hugo is the strong and brave hero of Lani city. Lucky to the rest, Hugo can knock out (or kill) alot of stuff with his strengths and his braveness comes in handy too sometimes!  Even though he can be a bit obnoxious. Hero
Owen Owen ACL Owen is Hugo's twin bro. He has telekenisis and can actually go pixellated, make a computer appear and much, much more! Unlike Hugo, Owen actually hasn't got much muscles.  And sometimes he can be a bit clumsy. Hero
Ujori Kasami Ujoriswor12 The Japanese 14 years old schoolboy with the power of thunder from MaiKai High School from Tokyo, Japan, who have experinces going through space adventures and stopping the intergalaxtic threats of the evil space lord Ego and his group of evil space aliens. He is actually brave and smart, yet shy and sillly, though he's obsessed with science, aliens, espers, and other sci-fi related subjects. Hero
Iceboy Iceboy12 A teenager from the real world, who have a sense of humor and power of ice. He's actually a pretty silly and calm kid, but with someone threating him and/or insulting him alot, he's go crazy. He also have power to bring up memes and references, and he's able to play games. Hero
Mylan Starlight Mylan 2 The queen (who is once a princess) of the Skies of Wonder, sister of Karina, husband of King (who is once a prince) Cosmo, and the mother of Maria Starlight. She was a very kind woman with the power of her star wand. She have been aged into a young mature woman by the help of a wishing Pandora Cube with the help of her friends. Hero
Spyro Spyro the shyguy Spyro is the creepiest and most devilish shy guy that ever lived!  Much like his owner, he runs into all sorts of back luck and misfortune.  He also switches from the Fantendo League to the League of Villains and back from time to time.  However, he stands up for his friend, Weefly. Neutral
Weefly Weefly Weefly is Spryo's best friend.  The two play with each other like buddies and attempt to help the other Fantendo users.  When Spyro crosses over to the dark side, it's usually up to Weefly to bring him back. Hero
Bowie Bowie the Teddy Bear Custom It's Bowie the Teddy Bear!  He is ready to rock - literally, since he has rock powers!  He is very jolly - until he sees Bananas, then he goes rather nuts.  Accidents happen to him on occasion.  He also likes eating pretzels. Hero
Ashe Ashe ACL Ashe is fat but very nice.  He has water powers that he can use to his advantage.  He is a bit greedy sometimes, but he gets over this in many perils. Hero
Bananas Bananas Bananas is an evil monkey with a purpose to DESTROY THE UNIVERSE!  His evil schemes will get him far - or will they?  It all depends on his stupid assistant, Thomas. Villain
General Scotch 100px General Scotch is the most confused general you'll ever see.  He is intelligent and understanding, but he can't tell the true difference between hero and villain.  Many accidents happen to him and he has trouble communicating with GIRLS. Hero
Fandro Fandrooooooooooo Fandro is the main protagonist of his series, but he is neutral despite that fact.  He has been known for killing, but he shows some heart once in a while and becomes a very helpful person - err - blob. Neutral
Bob Bob Redesign

BOB!  BOB!  BOB! *shot*

Bob is Fandro's enemy, but is very nice to him anyway due to his weird features.  He is completely invincible as well as plain stupid.

Krunchkake Krunchkake Redesign King KRUNCHKAKE!  Weak to toothpaste, toothbrushes and hairbrushes, but nothing else, this is a weird villain.  He just wants to get rich, rich, RICH!  But that doesn't always work. Villain
White White White is the hero of Sky City!  He joins the Fantendo Crew not only to stop Netnu's League of Bad Guys, but to prevent the world from drowning in Dark Matter!  He stars in his own adventures like here. Hero
Yellow Yellow(AoW) Yellow is one of White's closest friends, and helped him save the universe! He joins White and his friends not just to stop Netnu, but to help White kick Shadoo's butt yet again! Hero
Shadoo Shadoo(AoW) Shadoo is a blob of Dark Matter, and is probably affiliated with Netnu. He tries on many occasions to destroy White and Yellow, and usually gets a few good hits on them, before White gets out the Crystal Staff, and things get ugly. Villain
Mewshi Mewshi3D Hero
Squav Squav 1 Hero
YonenBooe YonenBooeApplesTown YonenBooe is clever and kind as well as adventurous, but he can get pretty sarcastic.  He has hobbies like playing the violin and playing video games, and he cooks for all of the heroes in this show.  He usually sits at home and is called upon occassionally to solve problems. Hero
Heather BlackAngel Hero
Dawn (Rick) DawnDE Dawn is a happy girl.  She cares a lot about her looks, making her sound like the typical female.  She doesn't mind getting her clothes dirty but is afraid of the enemy.  She can be sinister and sarcastic at times, though... Hero
Eliane ElianeDE Hero
Dream Boy

Dream Boy2

Cosmusic Cosmusic 2 A blue Luma with a musical inspiration. He's more laid-back then you think but when it come to music, he totally rocks!!! Hero
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