Fantendo Adventure
Producer(s) Fantendo
Distributor(s) Fantendo
Broadcaster(s) Fantendo
Genre(s) Adventure


First Air Date(s)
Country of Origin All
Original Language English
Season(s) 1 (so far)
Episodes 0 (so far)
Runtime Range is from 1 Hour to 3 Hours
Status To Air
 Fantendo Adventure is an upcoming TV show series produced by Fantendo.  The show stars many Fantendo characters as they go through many (usually comedical) adventures.  Some of the episodes actually happen in RPs that take place at 3:30 Atlantic time on Koopompany Wiki.


Season One

Season One has the group meeting with each other, with some arguments along the way of course.  Little do they know about Netnu's latest plan, to make a League of Villains...


Please edit your own character as you see fit.  Also you can add more characters from the series that you chose to be in Fantendo Adventure from Fandro's blog.

Characters are here.

Seasons and Episodes


Pilot Episode

Season One

Episode Number Name Airdate Plot Main Characters
1 Reunion of Fantendo 1/21/14 Unten and Pesh organize a party for all Fantendo heroes, only for the villains to make the party fall. Meanwhile, it's a race to see who can make it to the party first! Unten, Pesh, Flip, Cobby
2 Three Girls and a General 1/25/14 Heather, Dawn, Eliane, and General Scotch are sent to stop a crazy cyclops from destroying the Fantendoverse. The unlikely member, General Scotch, creates a few accidents on the adventure...but little do they know that they are being another hero... Heather, Dawn, Eliane, General Scotch, Flip
3 Netnu's League of Villains 2/01/14 Netnu, after the successful party crash, organizes a group of villains and creates plans with them. Netnu, other Villains
4 Revenge of the Recolors 2/08/14 Ashe and Dream Boy are fed up when they are continuously being insulted by other members of the team by being called recolors.  They then attempt to rule the Fantendoverse. Ashe, Dream Boy
5 Totally HACKED 2/15/14 Jake and Data meet each other and attempt to stop a new villain named Hardwire from destroying the cyberspace, which would cause trouble for those who use the Internet. Jake, Data, Hardwire
6 Snowed In 2/22/14 Bowie and family are snowed inside their tree, preventing escape.  Bowie and friends must now find their way out - or run out of air! Bowie and family
7 Thats so High 3/03/14 Hugo and Owen are atempting to go sky diving, but Owen is feeling abit scared when he gets to the top. Hugo must help Owen not be scared, but then Owen gets up and they both skydive down! Hugo and Owen
8 Dance
9 Truth or Daredevil Truth or Daredevil, a game similiar to Truth of Dare but with more EXTREME!!! The Daredevil part can really hurt someone's feeling or their bones. Everybody
11 Wish Upon a Lamp!

General Scotch runs into a magic lamp that gives him 5 wishes. He should probably be careful when it comes to wishes, he might cause diaster.

Note: This is the Season Finale

General Scotch, Unten

Season 2

New characters are introduced in this season.


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