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Fantendo Mini-Golf is a mini-golf game for the DS. It's like golf, but this one is a mini golf game. It has 20 chapters in story mode. If you want your chars in, sign them in talk.




NessandLuigi469 Series

  • NessandLuigi469
  • Blue Skinny Koopa
  • Emily
  • Anthony
  • Hacario

Purple Koopa Bro. Series

Fantendo Fury/Moyan Mysteries Series

Timer Series

Lemmykoopa24 Series

YoshiEgg Series

McBoo Series

Micool Series

Nugg Series



  • coming soon...


  • Flame's World
  • Dark Tunnel
  • McBoo's Mansion
  • Nugg Park
  • Gardenia's Garden

more to come...


  • This is set to release in July 2010 before the 4th of July.
  • Note that all users chars or any of them can appear.
  • The items are purchasable in this game.
  • And a game featuring Nintendo characters is called Nintendo Mini-Golf where items are rare and some of them are purchasable and they are tumbling items.
  • This is also for DS, in which there is a DS golf ball.

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