Fantendo Mech Wheelz!
Developer(s) Dino Bino Inc. and Nintendo
Publisher(s) Meme911
Release Date(s)
March 1st, 2013
Rookie Mode, Average Mode, Expert Mode, Mentally Hard Mode, Mirror Mode
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Racing, Action
Media Included Fantendo.
" Fantendo Mech Wheelz," is a game developed by Dino Bino Inc. and Nintendo. As the title states, the game focuses on items called Mech Wheelz that Fantendo characters can ride and upgrade.

The sequel, Fantendo Mech Wheelz 2, was even better than the first, as new characters and features were added, as well as a new story mode.


YoshiEgg is walking around Fantendoverse when he comes across a bunch of tires called Wheelz. Thinking of making an invention, he makes machines called Mech Wheelz that can go extremly fast.

However, Unten made the same thing after HE found some Wheelz. Knowing that YoshiEgg made millions of them, he decided that Fantendo should have a Mech Wheelz race.

And so, the grand prix had started. Whoever wins gets to get a huge trophy. The race begins, and the Mech Wheelz race starts!

Starter Characters


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