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The story mode for Fantendo Legion.


Some say there is a war coming.

Those people have already lost. 

There is a dark force at the core of the Fantendoverse, and two sides are fighting for control over it.

Do you wanna know what the funny thing is?

Controlling it is not an option. 

Peaceful Plains

A sparring tournament is going on at Peaceful Plains Stadium. During the first round, it is a tag team battle between Unten and Takashi versus Data and Rubber.

(Stage 1:Versus Data and Rubber/Unten and Takashi.) (Playable Characters:Unten and Takashi/Data and Rubber) 

The winning team revives the losing team, but suddenly, a loud rumbling is heard. Suddenly, Netnu and Hardwire appear, piloting a giant airship. Suddenly, the airship shoots a beam down at the audience, hypnotizing them. Rubber turns into a plane so he can escape with Unten and Data, while Takashi stays to take down the hypnotized audience, transforming into Nyntendo X.

(Stage 2: Defeat 50 Enemies) (Playable Characters: Nyntendo X) 

After Nyntendo X defeats the minions, he sees one left, who happens to be White. Nyntendo X defeats him and then revives his trophy. The duo gets on the Dragoon and chase after Netnu's airship.

Intermission 1

Meanwhile on the airship, Netnu, Hardwire, and Magne discuss their plan to brainwash the Fantendo heroes so they can control an entity known only as "The Inner Darkness." 3.14 is spying on them, and then uses some sort of device to teleport somewhere. 

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