Fantendo Legion is an upcoming fighting game starring Fantendo characters.  BEING REBOOTED AS FANTENDO: WEAPONS OF WAR


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The gameplay is similar to the Super Smash Bros games, but the characters are seperated by element types. Also, Final Smashes aren't present. 

List of Element Types

  • Fighting
  • Darkness
  • Fire
  • Light
  • Morphologic
  • Wind
  • Electric

Playable Characters


Image Character Type Description Franchise
Unten Legion Unten Fighting The beorn hero joins the brawl! He attacks with his elemental powers that he is able to use. TOSWALAUNTIDNWTR
Umbra Legion Umbra Darkness  The master of eclipse comes out of the shadows! He can use his Scythe of Shadows and Eclipse powers to attack. Shadowcalypse
Mika Legion Mika Sho Fire The mutant of fire leaves the rest in flames! She uses her power over fire to fight. The Adventures of Mika Sho
Squav Legion Squav Light The Squavacado leader shines his light! He can use his sword, throw avocadoes and acorns, as well as use light. A Nutty Adventure
Data Legion Data Morphologic The Cyber Warrior is online! Data attacks with his arm cannon, which can turn into various other weapons. KODE KID 
Scratch Legion Scratch Kat Fighting The Marshmallow-loving Kat scratches in! He attacks with pixel beams or can heal himself with marshmallows.  Scratch Kat World
Rubber Legion Rubber Morphologic The puddy hero forms in! He can transform into various different things, such as a car, a cannonball, and more! Rubber Quest
White Legion1 White Fire The popopo warrior is ready for battle! He uses his boom stick and other various weapons. The Adventures of White
Mylan Legion1 Mylan Starlight Light The princess of the stars shoots down for battle! She can use her cosmic abilities for battle. Smash Sisters Unite!
Flip Legion(FIXED) Flip Fighting The frog hero hops in! He attacks with his banjo, or can get help from Cobby. Flip the Frog
3.14 Legion(FIXED) 3.14 Fighting Also known as Coal Algebraic, he attacks with pie and can flip into 2D, making him an interesting fighter. 3.14
Takashi Nohara/Nyntendo X Fighting/Light The wielder of Nyntenite X, he can switch between Takashi Nohara (a fighting type) or Nyntendo X (a light type) Nyntendo X Saga
Zap Electric The lightning creature attacks with quick electric attacks. D-Zolt
Aingeru Wind The green bracelet, he can use wind attacks to battle. Battle of Bracelets
Scarlet Legion Scarlet Fire Scarlet is a young magic user, and she attacks with powerful Magical blows. Scarlet Pensar


Image Character Type Description Franchise How to unlock
Hardwire Shadow TBA KODE KID TBA
Magne Wind TBA The Adventures of White TBA
Pesh Fighting TBA Pusher's Pile Have him join your team in Story Mode

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