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Developer(s) Pinkyfantendologo
Publisher(s) Pinkyfantendologo
Platform(s) Nintendo Silver, EXGamer
Genre(s) 3D Platformer
Release Date(s)
February 20, 2013
Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Party Mode, Story Mode, Challenge Mode.
Age Rating(s)
Media Included Game Disk/Cartidge

Fantendo Kittens is a 3D Platformer game where the player control Fantendo Users in form of kittens. The game is similar to Chibi-Robo, with different playable characters. The player can control various characters and each one have a different ability and gameplay style.


Somewhere in the Limbovoid, there floats a huge mansion. No one knows who owns the mansion or what universe it came from, but it is inhabited by many cats. This is the story of those cats' adventures.





Image Name Description Story Mode Role
N/A Toukitty Toukitty is the totally yata leader of the kittens, her power levels are ridiculous and she ships all. Yata Skill / Main Playable Character
N/A Oskat Oskat is obsessed with adorable things and enjoys drawing even though he cannot do that easily with lack of fingers. Co-leader with Toukitty.
Mehkitteh Lockitty TBA Playable Character.
Purrblo Purrblo Purrr.... Purrblo is a curious kitty who loves to tinker around the mansion! Playable Character.
N/A Nikkitty Nikkitty is an adorable kitty who is kind to all! ...except she's really spiteful and evil. Yarnote minions
N/A Kittyserv Kittyserv is Nikkitty's sister, who prefers to simply observe and keep the others in order. Keeps the kittens at order
N/A Zakitty TBA Give lazy tips.
N/A Purrend That one kitty interested in dragons and predating avians. Guarding a canary, thinking it's an eagle for some reason. Or watching flocks of birds in the sky.
N/A Plazzmeow Plazzmakitty is a kitty who loves art and design and hopes to be one of the greatest artists known no matter what the cost (well sorta). Works on his masterpieces.
N/A Brocat A cat that gets mad easily. He shows you things.
N/A Guitarcat A cat that can masterfully play the guitar which can shoot lazers, due to this he can stand on 2 legs. He walks on 2 and runs on all fours. He has epic shades. TO BE AWESOME!
N/A Mowzie A purple cat with flame like hair and a bolt on it's side. being the lazy and smart kitteh.
N/A Chazkitty The Puerto Rican cat. Strategist
N/A Icekitty A Cat who likes to draw pictures, play games and tell funny jokes. One of friends of the good cats. He can uses Ice-based attacks, and uses Water-based attacks, and draws things with his tail.


Image Name Description Story Mode Role How to unlock
N/A Haterkitty A kitten who hates everything, but is oddly heroic. N/A N/A
N/A Yatakitty Yatakitty is the most souper totally yata kitten of all! She is loved by most everyone. N/A N/A
N/A Smubkitty The fire kitty who likes to play with sharp objects because. Guards a burning toy volcano and tells trespassers, "no" because it's his. Give him something sharp to play with, like scissors or a knife.
N/A Noccat A kitten who likes to stay up at the night. Patrols around the house in the night. N/A
Michitty Michitty Quiet little kitten who enjoys being outside. Stays out side even at night, sleeps in the flower bed and guards the old oak tree. N/A
N/A Bumblekitty The flying kitty. Finds fruit in trees. N/A
N/A Furfire Furfire is a skinny cat that likes to take baths in lava. It just so happens to have a face that looks like a Slime. That wise crazy guy that appears in the middle every RPG that gives them some kind of quest, like Dr. Toadley or heck I dunno who else. N/A
N/A Kittymariomega some fucking nerd He eats everything. Including whatever strange/mystical plot device-type thing that will move the story along. Punch him in the gut. He respects you and joins you.
N/A Marzicat The cat who basically just goes on his computer all day doing all the crap he can and justs eats and sleeps all day too He's with Osakat a lot, don't take that too serious though Throw a piece of ham at him to get his attention and to join the quest
N/A Midnay Constantly attacks friendlies for no reason because he is a mean cat. Freeloader and negative moral support because its me i guess N/A
N/A Dohcat The missing cat. N/A Find him.
N/A Rarewarecat The cat that loves playing games. N/A N/A
N/A Zakat The kitty that rushes. N/A N/A
N/A Capteau Le Fur The French Cat. Being French. N/A
N/A Turban Cat A cat that wears a turban. Gives people advice. N/A

Non-Playable Characters

Image Name Description Story Mode Role
Sprakitty Sprakitty An artistic but rather pretentious kitten. He can do stuff.
Mimeow Mimeow A crazy kitten, she loves blue and horror movies. Her brother is Michitty. She gives hints if they get her a coppy of a horror movie.


Image Areas Description Story Mode Role
N/A Cat Room The starter area! Where everything starts! This is where the game starts.
N/A Toy City A giant city built with toys. It even have a volcano! See the missions section below.




Extra Stuff



  • Lockitty's fur is based on Rainbow Dash's fur.

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