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Fantendo Kart DS
Developer(s) HalerN Inc.
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo DS Logo
Genre(s) Racing
Release Date(s)
November 8, 2010
1 Player Mode, Multiplayer Mode
Age Rating(s)
Media Included DS Card
Fantendo Kart DS is a game in the Fantendo Kart (series) by HalerN Inc. for the Nintendo DS. It's not for DSe or DSi, just for the DS. There is also multiple characters.

Confirmed Characters

Default Characters

Add yours here.

  1. Unten
  2. Helen
  3. McBoo
  4. O'Lantern
  5. Purple Koopa Bro.
  6. YoshiEgg Nook
  7. Bloop
  8. The Groo
  9. Peyton
  10. Micool the Master
  11. Mick cool
  12. RedYoshi
  13. RedBoshi
  14. Bakachu
  15. Nugg
  16. Mirdo

More coming soon...

Unlockable Characters

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  1. Booberry
  2. Nightwolf
  3. M'Icho
  4. Tucker
  5. Tulip Nook
  6. Rhode
  7. Armando
  8. Grace Giranha
  9. Groudous Maximus
  10. Princess Gardenia
  11. Dread
  12. Sumball
  13. Juno
  14. Scar
  15. Laval
  16. Nuggette

More coming soon...

Downloadable Characters

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  1. Nekrous
  2. Lui Knight
  3. Taiketsu
  4. Lizzie
  5. RedBirdo

More coming soon...

Confirmed Cups

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Boogy Cup

  • Booberry Land
  • McBoo's Mansion

More coming soon...

Castle Cup (unlockable)

  • Nekrous's Castle
  • Egg Town
  • Foggy Night

Crown Cup

  • Crown World
  • Downtown

Island Cup

More coming soon...

Confirmed Karts

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  • Flower Kart
  • Boogy Kart
  • Evil Kart
  • Wolf Kart
  • Wing Kart
  • Boot Kart
  • Green Kart
  • Red Boo Pipes (gray from Mario Kart Double Dash)
  • Toxic Wheel
  • RedYoshi Turbo (similar to the Yoshi Turbo in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!)

More coming soon...

Confirmed Bikes

Add yours here.

  • Flower Bike
  • Aero Bike
  • Spike Bike
  • Pigtail Bike
  • Purple Bike
  • Stinger

More coming soon...



  • The girls (except RedBirdo and Nuggette) have pantie outfits while riding a bike.

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