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Fantendo Kart 3D is a spin-off game in the Fantendo Kart (series) by Bomb Productions Games and various other users who's characters are in. It is for the Nintendo 3DS and uses heavily enhanced graphics that are comparable to Wii games and utilizes the 3DS's 3D effects.

Playable Characters

Default Characters

Image: Characters:
Unten by MQM


McBoo MMWii McBoo
RedYoshi3 RedYoshi
Fred3D Fred the Purple Monkey
Mick 3D Mick
YoshEggNook YoshiEgg Nook
Bloop Bloop
'No image yet... Wheelie Penguin
Mick Cool MVR Mick Cool
TransparencyMicool Micool the Master
314 3D 3.14
No image yet Strafe
Dudle 3D Final Dudle
Henry-In-3D Henry the Moose
Litle P Brawl Litle P
No image yet Sandslash P
No image yet Simon & Bouncer
Clyde Clyde
Ella Metals 3D Ella Metals
No image yet Nightwolf (New Generation)
Purplekoopabro Purple Koopa Bro.

Unlockable Characters

Possibly More To Come...









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