698Amaura This article is about a TV show produced and published by Amaura Studios.

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Fantendo Kart: Amaura Cup TV Show
Producer(s) Amaura Studios
Distributor(s) Amaura Studios
Broadcaster(s) The Amaura Channel
Genre(s) Racing/Adventure
First Air Date(s)
Sunday, February 2, 2014
Country of Origin All
Original Language English
Season(s) 1 (so far)
Episodes Twenty Six (26)
Runtime Twenty-six minute episodes
Status To Air

Fantendo Kart: Amaura Cup is an upcoming TV show series produced by Amaura Studios. The show stars many characters from Fantendo Kart: Amaura Cup, as the show is based on the game.


Season One


Image Name Description Class
698Amaura Amaura (Male) Amaura is the star of the show. He likes Kart racing and started a racing tournament. Amaura likes Team Skull and trusts them a lot. Main Protagonist
699Aurorus Amaura's Mother Amaura's Mother is the mother of Amaura. She cheers for Amaura when he's racing and repairs his kart for him. Mother of Amaura
Team Skull Team Skull Main Antagonist
White Fantendo racers The racers who joined the kart racing Tournament.

They are White, Unten, Jake, Dream Boy, Hugo, Squav, General Scotch, Mewshi, Eagle Guy, Mr. Nightmare,

Seasons and Episodes

Season One

Episode Number Name Airdate Plot Characters
1 The Plot! February 2, 2014 Amaura explains how he 'invented' "kart racing". Amaura, Amaura's Mother, Team Skull
2 The Fun Begins! February 9, 2014 Amaura's Mother repairs Amaura's Kart and Amaura begins a test race with her. Amaura, Amaura's Mother
3 Planing a tournament! February 16, 2014 Amaura had lots of fun racing, and wants to start a Kart Racing tournament for thirty-two people, including himself, so everyone can have fun doing his new activity. Team Skull will be racing on all of the tracks. Amaura, Amaura's Mother, Team Skull
4 Welcome to the Amaura Tour! February 23, 2014 The new racing tournament begins and the first tour, the Amaura Tour, is the first tour of tracks. The first race is held at Amaura's Speedway. Amaura, Team Skull, White, Dream Boy, Unten, Jake, Amaura's Mother
5 Racing in Wild Run! March 2, 2014 The second race is held at Wild Run.
6 Racing in Shadow's Lair! March 9, 2014
7 Racing in Track Name! March 16, 2014
8 Racing in Track Name! March 23, 2014
9 March 30, 2014
10 April 6, 2014
11 April 13, 2014
12 April 20, 2014
13 April 27, 2014 After Amaura races, he is knocked out by a "noxious gas combo" caused by Koffing and Skuntank from Team Skull. When he wakes up, Amaura hears from his Mother that his Kart's Boom Box was destroyed.
14 May 4, 2014
15 May 11, 2014
16 May 18, 2014
17 May 25, 2014
18 June 1, 2014
19 June 8, 2014
20 June 15, 2014
21 June 22, 2014
22 June 29, 2014
23 July 6, 2014
24 July 13, 2014
25 July 20, 2014
26 July 27, 2014


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