Fantendo Jet Rush
Developer(s) Raindrop Studios
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Racing
Media Included Nintendo 3DS cartridge

Fantendo Jet Rush is a racing game developed by Raindrop Studios, being published by Fantendo. Its release date is yet to be announced, but it has been confirmed that it will release in all regions at the same time. The game features many appearances of characters and objects from many different Fantendo series. It can either be downloaded in the eShop or be purchased as a retail cartridge. It is a sister game to Nintendo Jet Rush.



3DS A Button A Button Accelerate
3DS B Button B Button Brake
3DS X Button X Button Use Items
3DS Y Button Y Button Accelerate gently
Circlepad Circle Pad Steer (up, down, left, right)
3DS L Button L Button Use Items
3DS D-Pad D-Pad Down Look backwards
3DS Stylus Stylus Switch maps
3DS Start Button Start Button Pause the Game
3DS Select Button Select Button Pause the Game
3DS Home Button Home Button Go to the Home Menu

Basic gameplay

In the game, the player has to race through a course, using a jetpack; a flying device. The player can fly up, left and right. To go down, they simply need to stop accelerating. There are many obstacles on most courses. Players can also find a number of items on the course, which they can use for offending, defending or speed purposes. When they fly into something at higher speed, they will crash.


Grand Prix

The player races through 4 races in one of 5 cups to place first and win the trophy in the end.

Time Trial

The player tries to race through a track as fast as possible. There are no items, and many obstacles are gone.


The player can play a number of minigames revolving around flying and racing.


Players can play together with other people, playing with customized rules.

Online Multiplayer

Similar to multiplayer, except it's with players from all over the world. When the player disconnects from Nintendo Network during the race, they will continue as a computer-controlled character and they will get no Online Points. In online mode, every racer chooses the track they want to race on, and then one of those is randomly generated.


Basic options, such as sound, name, language. The player can also check all of their records here.


The game includes a number of characters from various Fantendo franchises. They are all classed in either Speed, Power, Skill, or Balanced.


Character Image Description Class
Unten Unten FJR Balanced
Pesh Pesh FJR Balanced
Frolo Speed
Fruity Speed
YonenBooe Speed
Aingeru Power
NinJon NinJon Speed
Zak Skill


Character Image Description Class
Tom Balanced
Peira Skill
Hayden Balanced
Fandro Fandro FJR Power
Marina Skill
Locky Balanced
Douglas Douglas FJR Balanced
Zane Skill
Yurei Speed
Pashie Skill
Sheyna Skill
Hex Speed
Dux Speed
Jake Balanced
Umbra Balanced
Bowie Speed
Ryder Balanced
Zerita Power
Eliane Skill
Mika Sho Mika Sho FJR Balanced
Squav Speed
Heather Skill
Lexi Speed
Maion Skill
Jack Balanced
Roxanne Balanced
Ozzy Power
Aiden Skill
Kage Power
Flip Speed
Lucas Lucas FJR Speed
Reptflux Power
Kid Kiba Power
Arshallo Speed
Dawn Balanced
MeizeBooe Balanced
Danni Speed
Scotch Power
Data Balanced
Hugo Power
Scarlet Skill
Mix Mike Power

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