Welcome to the SuyoGames presenation for Fantendo Iterum, we are excited to be here and we will reveal new projects and talk more of our current projects, stay tuned.

Donkey Kong World: Furious Fleet
Donkey Kong DK!!!
Our first game we will showcase is our Donkey Kong game, if you played Ice Climber: Age Of Ice, you might see some similar resemblance, we used the same engine from that game to make this, of course, we added some elements from Donkey Kong 64, the first 3D platforming DK game.

The villains in this game are the Skullings, deadly bone pirates who have a love for gold, they took over the Island though, and DK and his friends were shot far away, but will they return?

Let us take a little look at one of the levels, the first boss level, 1-B: Slaying Scrapslice, the boss of this level is Scrapslice, some crazy monster. Here you see a Skull Station before entering the battle arena, with this, you are able to turn into a different Kong, like Chunky or Diddy, each Kong has different abilities and powers. Now we enter the arena.

Out of nowhere, this bone like rotten snake is awaiting his dinner, who appears to be the Kongs, Scrapslice will chase you in battle, and cause slight quakes. You can move the character with the analog pad of the 3DS and perform an attack with the Y button, the bosses health is located on the touch screen, it will help you know how much health the boss has left.

After some deadly hits, we have defeated the boss.

(audience claps)

That is all, but before we end this part of the presentation, we would like to tell you that the Kremlings will appear in this game, they aren't forgotten.

Donkey Kong World: Furious Fleet will be released sometime in 2014 for the Nintendo 3DS and Infinity GX.

Now on to the next game...

Kirby RPG: Legends Of Pop Star
Kirby KSSU

Kirby, I haven't done a game with him, originally I was going to make a 2D Kirby called Kirby: Comet Crash, but I decided to do something interesting, an RPG Kirby.

First off, the game begins in Kirbys home, Pop Star, Kirby is relaxing peacefully and tries to eat his cake, but the ground trembles, and drops his tasty cake, making Kirby disappointed. Kirby then finds King Dedede laughing, as he used his new machine, Dedede then battles Kirby, he loses due to the power of the pink puff ball. A darkness aproaches Kirbys planet, a villain who calls himself Rago wants to take over Pop Star, after he finds the ancient Wishstone, a object that was hidden away long ago because of evil may trying to use it. It is up to Kirby to save his planet from a new foe.

The game has elements from the Mario & Luigi series, Kirby can jump and hammer opponents, he can also suck up enemies and spit them out, dealing damage. Some enemies that Kirby sucks in allow Kirby to use a Copy Ability, including Spark, Leaf, and more. Kirby will also gain partners in the game, like Paper Mario, the main partner of Kirby is Prince Lune, and he appears to know about Rago, and it is revealed he is more than he seems.

Kirby RPG: Legends Of Pop Star will be on the Nintendo 3DS and Infinity GX, it will have a Spring 2014 release.

Pikmin 3D

Me, Locky, and Brock are working on a handheld Pikmin, and it is going pretty well, today we are just going to reveal the new Pikmin types.

  • Napalm Pikmin: The first new Pikmin found. These orange-colored Pikmin are small but deadly. Unable to be effected by explosions of any kind, they are able to take on a Bomb Rock shell and run toward enemies, exploding on contact.
  • Green Pikmin: These are hidden Pikmin found only by using Candypop Buds. When thrown, they are able to cling onto walls and swing across raised bars. They can also walk through multiple types of poison and other liquids, such as Honeydew and acid.
Gravity Falls: Mystery Madness
Surprise, for the 3DS and other consoles, I'm making a Gravity Falls game, and it appears to be the first one here.

Dipper and Mabel will go on a mystery filled adventure in Gravity Falls, they will enter the freaky reaches of Gravity Falls, some locations being from Season 1, and some completely new ones. The game will play out as a 3D platformer and will work out similar to that online GF game, Rumbles Revenge.

The player will use the 3DS' gyro controls and camera for some parts in the level. Your favorite characters like Stan and Soos are in it too, and yes, Bill Cipher makes an appearance.

When you first go through a stage you move with the analog pad obviously, Dipper or Mabel can perform punches and kicks and also can wield items, including Mabels Grappling Hook, and more. Players will explore a big overworld such as the Mystery Shack and other places.

There is a new, dark villain, wandering around in this town, find out who he is, and also, discover the lost tower in Gravity Falls, a place full of mystery and other creepy stuff, what lies inside?

Hopefully you guys are excited, this game will be one of my main projects, so I will work hard on it.

Super Mario Terrain

The sequel to Super Mario Dream/Nightmare, the fourth game in the Super Mario X Series, so in this game, explore the Mushroom Kingdom, or, beneath it!

What lies beneath the Mushroom Kingdom is an underground world known as the "Bellowbrok", a world of terrain and magma, Mario must explore this place to get back to the surface of the Mushroom Kingdom after he falls into a large pit. Mario meets the character, Graino, a mysterious being who says he is part of a species known as the Platewalkers. Graino says that the villain who calls himself as the "Undertaker" has sworn vengeance against the above, also known as the Mushroom Kingdom, as he was trapped down there by the Mushroom Sages long ago, after he did a dangerous act. It is up to Mario to not only stop the Undertaker, but to escape this underground land or else he will be stuck there, forever.

The gameplay this time around is new, Mario can use the Terraforms, transforming mud like creatures to turn into "Terraform Mario", with so many, they can form Rockworks, these work like those Luiginary Works from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, except they are usually needed most of the time in levels. Types of Rockworks include the Smash Rockwork, where the Terraform Marios form into a giant hammer, which can smash through large pieces of rock that are in the way.

A new type of move Mario can use is the Downturner. It works like the Spin move Mario had in SMG. Mario uses Graino, his partner in this game to do a drill like attack onto an enemy, knocking them upside down, although sometimes for a certain enemy it instantly defeats them. Although most sidescrolling Mario games make Mario move right and get to the flagpole. Mario must collect the "Terra Orbs" at the end of each level.

Instead of just moving left and right, Mario has to go up a lot in this game, and also go down. This is where the Downturner move does its action. If Mario finds cracked blocks, he can break them and drill down.

Yes there is still 6 Power-Ups, Rock Mario will return.

That is all we will reveal today, we hope you are excited for this next title. Super Mario Terrain will be for the Nintendo 3DS and Infinity GX.

Masterpiece: The Puzzle Curse

I have yet another game to announce, it is called Masterpiece: The Puzzle Curse, it is pretty much a hybrid of Rhythm/Puzzle/Action Adventure like genre. Here is the story,

Frendle City is a beautiful city for tourism, however, it has been said it also is a city of disaster, there has been many problems with the city, supossingly strange paranormal things too!

One night in the museum, a hooded figure takes the "Separtion" a machine designed by Dr. Krakken, a genius who found himself in jail after creating such a strange device, but what did it do?

A detective who calls himself Jigsaw Gether gets in on the action after hearing the horrible news. Jigsaw speaks with the museums owner, Keyser, who tells Jigsaw that a very dangerous machine known as the Separtion was stolen, he explain the Separtion can break the ground and cause it to form into many pieces, with this, he may be able to break apart the whole city into small bits, making the such beautiful city into a wasteland. Jigsaw then is on the case, and he travels with his close dog, Scruffy, to find this culprit.

Masterpiece: The Puzzle Curse is a very strategic game, once enemies are beaten down, you must go through a puzzle like Tetris stage on the bottom screen, if it goes too high and the whole bottom screen is filled with blocks, Jigsaw will take some serious damage and lose a life. Some puzzle blocks are cursed, they are the Fear Blocks, you must tap them until the curse is lifted, if you do not take the curse away, you cannot get rid off the block.

Scruffy, the dog of Jigsaw is used in certain stages, for example, there are some stages where Scruffy must search for clues or something. There also will be one more character, Peyton, who will have a use in different stages too.

This game is exclusively for the Infinity GX.