Fantendo Racing Legends

Sup guys! It's me Doh (tbc)! The first thing i'm going to show is Fantendo Racing Legends, a new racing game involving characters from the Fantendo universe.

Unten FRL

However, it's not really like Mario Kart, but it's pretty much like Sonic Riders or Kirby Air Ride. Characters have their own hovering gear on which they'll ride against gravity. Each character has an unique gear and Special Ability, as well as a standard partner. With partner it means that there's a Double Race Mode option, in which two characters ride one gear with one in charge of throwing items and the other riding like in Mario Kart: Double Dash. You can also pair two random characters.

There are also various missions that the player can complete to gain money and buy different customs, such as the option to switch the gears between Boards, Skates, Bikes, Yatchs, Air Rides and Wheels. There is also a Collide More in which 4 players are in a great arena and must try to knock each other to win, as well as other modes to play with. The game doesn't have a particular story, it's just a racing crossover game between the different Fantendo series. The game's going to be released on the Wii U as a 3D game, with 2D artwork.

Master of Four Seasons
MoFS Logo

Next is Master of Four Seasons which is the first game for my original series of the same name. The game is an RPG game with 4 girls as the heroines.

The story is about five gods that separated a land called Senkaihi from Japan as it was being infested by various monsters (Youkais which in Japan are mythological creatures) and created another dimension to move it in. After giving Senkaihi life once again, they left as their jobs were done. However, they noticed that many youkais managed to pass through the dimension and have started causing havoc on the land and the people living there. The gods vanished them for now, but decided to create four girls (Alice, Luize, Lorelei and Yuki) to manipulate magic and create seasons for the land as well as protect it in the future. However, one god felt like the other ones decided this to leave him away and he went into conclusions and got mad, creating a girl to destroy Senkaihi.

The other gods got mad at him and sealed him into an orb, turning him into an evil spirit. The orb was being hidden in the god's mausoleum, and the five girls were born as babies and were given adoptive parents. After being grown enough and knowing the truth, they managed to control their abilities and started giving seasons and protection to Senkaihi, as the four gods wanted. However, since part of the god was in the fifth girl Yamiko, she started causing darkness and fear over Senkaihi, now the other girls must stop her.

Alice Harumi MoFS

The game's an RPG, with battles being made in turns, with recovery and attacking items as well as important ones, NPCs who can have dialogue with you and a free overworld. One girl will lead the group, you can choose which one at any time. There are bonuses as well that you can gain by clearing certain tasks in battles and complete achievements. Each heroine has a Seasonal Gauge that will be filled more when hitting an enemy. When a gauge is completely filled, the heroine will be able to perform an Ultimate Word different to each girl. These Ultimate Words are special attacks that will cause massive damage on all enemies.

The game's going to be released for the Nintendo 3DS and will have 3D features and Nintendo Network procedures. It is going to be released on 2014.

Super Mario: Moonlight Madness

Now i'll tell you about Super Mario: Moonlight Madness, a new Adventure, 3D platformer game for the Main Super Mario series.

For the story, it's going to start with Mario going to visit Princess Peach at the castle at night along with Luigi. However, in the way Mario notices a strange creature with a rock-like head walking, the thing noticed him as well but it left quicky. Mario ignored it and went to the castle with his brother. When they arrive, they notice some Toads, Toadsworth, Princess Daisy and Princess Peach looking up. Mario asks what's happening and Peach tells him to look at the moon.

When both brothers look up, they notice part of the moon is turning to a very dark, almost black coloration. After that, Mario notices the rock-like guy again but it's followed by other ones. A bunch of these rock things appear in front of Mario and the others. They start forming themselves as in someone is going to pass through them, and a girl shows up. She presents herself as the Princess of the Moon, Layla. She tells the brothers that an evil being is stealing the power of the full moon's light and is replacing it with a fake moon, covering the sun as well. As she has seen Mario and Luigi's heroic actions before, she trusts them both that they'll save her people and the people of the earth as well, so both Mario and Luigi embark into a new nighttime adventure. Also the evil being is Bowser with Tatanga.

Moon Orb NSMBS

The gameplay is pretty much like Super Mario 3D Land and Super Mario 3D World. Mario and Luigi are able to choose the courses via World Maps where levels are shown, and there are levels as well as a castle. However, there are now 8 levels and a castle which counts as 9, instead of 5 regular levels and a castle. The levels are like it as well, being 3D and 2D as well. However, this time Mario (and Luigi) are less limited, having now more moves than in 3D Land so he can do triple-jumps and other moves he couldn't use.

There's also going to be a new power-up which kinda fits the theme of this game, the Moon Orb and the transformation Mario takes, Werewolf Mario. While in werewolf form, Mario is able to run extremely fast and claw most enemies. Dig the claw attack will let Mario accelerate for a time as well. Mario can also dig underground in some levels and can do long jumps so he can pass through longer bottomless pits.

The game's going to be released for the Wii U and it will also feature Nintendo Network connection and mini-games as well.

Bombell: Explosive Quest
BEQ Logo

Next up is Bombell: Explosive Quest which I have been presenting since december and involves Bombell in a new adventure to stop Shadem from rising his master from the death.

Booster 3D

The game's going to be an RPG game and a direct sequel to Bomb Frenzy which was a puzzle game. As I mentioned before, the story is about Shadem trying to take revenge on Bombell for the last defeat and he's going to rise his master by using the Sacred Gem. Bombell noticed this thanks to a minion of Shadem who was tired of him and his actions and betrayed him. Now Bombell and friends must stop Shadem from finding the gem.

Bombell BEQ

As an RPG, it has these elements of battles in turns and items, challenges and supporting characters as well as puzzles to solve and many bosses trying to stop Bombell throughout the game from finding Shadem. There's also a new character that Bombell meets, called Leo, who will join him later in the game. There are also many returning characters.

This one's going to be released for the Wii U as well and will support online playing too.

Unnamed Animal Crossing game

So yeah i'm planning on making an Animal Crossing game sometime soon. There'll be very little information though, only showing what's new.

Ok for the theme of the game, the player could be president and able to create states and instead of exploring other people's towns, now you explore other people's countries. There are also going to be new functions (and returning ones) that I will release when I create the article or something I guess.

Some new stuff i'm gonna add too. Like new species for the villagers: Leopards and Hawks, new fruits: Papayas, Strawberries and Grapes (the latter ones brinding also the option to plant bushes that bring fruit), new personalities: Nerdy (for males, name probably going to change) and Obsessive. (for females)

And much more! However, i'm gonna present more in future expos/showcases or whatever. The game's going to be released for Wii U too! So yeah that's all. Meow!

Unnamed Joint Project

So yeah T'S (tbc), Tom (tbc), Plazzap (tbc) and I have been planning a joint project for a long time. I noticed Plazzap and T'S already planned some ideas for it, i'll show them here:

  • The game will be an RPG with all these RPG elements
  • Before attacking the player rolls a dice, the 6 numbers on the dice depend on the one used (you can buy certain dice but some only last 1-3 turns). Let's call the number the player rolls the amount of "mana" the player has for the turn.
  • The player can perform as many actions as they desire, though each action costs 1 mana. If the player chooses to perform two actions in one turn then it costs 2 and so on.
  • Items have differing effects depending on the character being used, like one character gains more HP from one item but another character gains more attack power from it.
  • Exp is used on top of some kind of magical pedestal to buy stat upgrades and stuff. These pedestals are typiclly everywhere around the world.

Etc. It is most probably going to be for the Nintendo 3DS, but maybe it'll be for the Wii U or maybe even both.

That's it for now, and that was everything in this presentation. I really hope you liked it.

Meow! - Bombell M&LSprite Style FlippedExploding your Mind!Bombell M&LSprite Style