Welcome to the Sactown Studios booth. We have many games that we are currently working on and hope that you may enjoy. If you don't enjoy anything... well, that's your problem. Provided there are no further disruptions, let's get this show on the road! - Thatkidwiththeafro (tbc)

Cartoon All-Star Rumble

Cartoon All-Star Rumble will be the sequel to the smash hit (no pun intended mind you!) Cartoon All-Star Melee. All characters from the first game will return with many of them with updated designs to match their current incarnations. New characters will join the roster such as Winnie the Pooh, Daria, Derpy Hooves, Sealand, Bonkers, and Sir Robert Norramby... Just to name a few! An all-new story mode will be featured in the game with a new villian, The King of Darkness! Alongside from stages, and other junk there's no more to be said!

Tracks Ahead: Tanks a Lot!

My Little Pony: Puzzle-Solving is Magic

Hetalia Puzzle League

Celebrity Deathmatch 2

Pokemon Puzzle League 2

Tracks Ahead!: King of the Puzzle-Solvers