A side scrolling game based on Battleblock Theater, focused on combat.

Bowser Reverse Redux

Bowser Reverse has been remade to make the game more balanced and fun. Instead of placing blocks, the game plays as a top down strategy game where you can place sets of blocks and enemies to prevent Mario from reaching the end of the level.

No Hope - Never Enough

After the ending of No Hope, you wander the wasteland hoping society will build itself. One day, a note is delivered to you by a masked man. It is directed at you, and is requesting you meet an unknown sender at the Scientists Lab. Upon arrival, you are kidnapped by someone you cannot see. You wake up in a lobby, leading to underground gladiators arena through a gate. You are stripped of all items you had. A voice over an intercom requests you grab clothing and items from the locker behind you. After retrieving the items, a man walks to your gate to talk to you. It is the Scientist. He explains that he had to use a temporary early version of his cure to live after he was infected, due to shipping out the proper cure. You can tell that he is not like he was before, he is stuttering and shaking. He continues that he thinks the cure he made was not good enough, and that he needs to study the infection first hand. You are a test subject, to have the infection demonstrated on you. How will this be done? He opens another gate and an unknown survivor comes out. Another gate opens across from him, and out stumbles ~4 zombies. The man is quickly overtaken by the zombies and eaten alive. The Scientist walks to his chair that overwatches the whole arena. Your gate opens, it begins.

This DLC will feature an arena containing dozens of waves of enemies. Rewards, weapons and new items are available after completion. The quest is replayable and there is multiple arena environments.

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