Welcome everybody, I am Marzipan, and today I will show all of you two new projects that are currently in the works. Hope you enjoy and stay tuned, tons of more information will be released later on.

Foreign Warfare


Project Wub

Day 1

Our first project we will be showing is a unique title that has been thought about for quite a while. The name hasn't officially been revealed yet, as our new title is under the name "Project Wub". What our new project is about is that, a young man named Alex Mathews who was captured by a notorious scientist and was transformed into a new being with super powers that had a strange inclusion of music. With his new powers, Alex escaped from the scientist's lab, but then the scientist (who's name is currently unknown at the moment) has developed man-made minions and he uses his new experiment to head out to the city of Ford Heights. While Alex is under hiding, the scientist's minions have nearly wrecked the city in order to search for him. The scientist has taken his plan one step further as he sent out machines to go out and find him, dead or alive. As the city is nearly in ruins, Alex must do one thing...he must use his new powers in order to stop the scientist and his plans.

In the game, Alex can also shapeshift as he can shapeshift into a pedestrian, a military guard, one of the scientist's minions, and he can even take control of one of the scientist's robots. The game is an Action Open World game as the player can explore all around Ford Heights. Alex's powers in-game can help him in battle such as, giving him some extra health, having him be a tad stronger for a moment, and more.

Project Wub will be exclusive on the PC through Steam.

Day 2

Welcome again, this is Day 2 of our presentation of our latest project. We have showed you all the concept, main character, and story of the game, and now more characters and gameplay elements. The Mad Scientist who had release his minions and robots upon the city has finally go his name revealed as his name is "Professor Maxwell Watters" who is also German and has a backstory that will be revealed later on when the game is finally released.

Other characters we are announcing are named Andrew Layum, Michelle Florence, and Brent Salazer. Who are all these newly announced characters?

Andrew is someone who Alex meets very early in the game, Andrew usually provides Alex on his journey, and keeps him up to date on what's the latest news on the city.

Michelle Florence is a woman who is great with technology. She once worked for Professor Watters, but she soon quit as Watters used Michelle in a failed experiment causing her to quit. She knows all about Watters' experiments and technology, as she usually keeps Alex informed on his latest plans.

Brent Salazer is the head of the FHPD. He disapproves of Alex's actions as he is a "super being" and worries that he might go awry with his powers and will become the new threat to society. It is unknown if he becomes a villain or not, but for now he seems like the arch-rival to our hero.

For the elements appearing in the game, stores are enterable and same goes for many buildings throughout the city. Stores are used for buying items and some stores can even have Alex upgrade his abilities making them stronger and easier to fight enemies. Alex can also buy other items for health and for defense.

On-foot Radio is also in the game, as the player can listen to many songs on 10 different Radio Stations featuring songs such as "Get Lucky" from Daft Punk, "Somebody That I Used To Know" by Gotye, "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons, and much more while exploring the city.

Later on in the game, Alex gains the ability to glide and climb buildings as these upgrades are gained not too later in the game, he even gains the ability to revive someone from being dead.

So far, not many weapons have been announced other than the Shock Hammer, which is a giant hammer which causes a massive shock wave when used, and the Bolt Bat, which when used zaps the enemy causing major damage to him.

Project Wub's gameplay will resemble Prototype, Saints Row 4, and Infamous in some way.

A lot of more information will be revealed later on in the future.

Thank you for staying tuned with us. ~Marzipan/Mappy/Moppy/Murpizan

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