Welcome to Icy Cold Gaming Industries' presentation for Fantendo Iterum. Keep in mind that this will not be like other presentations, so please, no flaming or trolling.

So, without further ado, let's get our FANTENDO ON!!!

Dragon Spark

Finally, more news about Dragon Spark!

  • Like most games, there will be 8 Worlds, with an additional 9th one as well. Each level requires you to use one of your three dragons, like for Flying Frenzy, which you use your Magmasplash.
  • The main villain is named Steel. Steel is an evil overlord bent on getting the Dragon Spark so he can unleash The Dragon Emporer.
  • The game is a 3D RPG style game, where you encounter enemies and take their HP down to 0.
  • It is for the Wii U and the 3DS
  • During the game, keep a sharp eye for the hidden Megaz, robots which are for an upcoming project.
  • While in the Wii U version, also look for a hidden Link!

Fantendo: Reincarnation

More new stuff about my upcoming fanfic, Fantendo: Reincarnation, is here!

  • Instead of YOUR Fantendo characters, I've chosen my own new OCs.
  • Unten and Netnu will also make appearances, with Unten being a hero and Netnu being a mysterious shop owner.
  • The First Reincarnation is the main villain, but also has a secret in him...
  • Randallis Baxter is comfirmed to appear.

Monsters University: The Game

  • The game will be split up into "Chapters."
  • You can play as Mike, Sulley, Don, Art, The Perry Twins, and Squishy.
  • Along with Oozma Kappa come the ROR DLC Pack, which includes Johnny, Randall, Chet, Chip, Javier, and Reggie.
  • The majority of the game includes you to play as all of OK. Along with the ROR Pack comes over 40 new puzzles!
  • There will be bosses, such as the Librarian and ROR themselves.
  • Also, during some Chapters, you can ride things, such as a car or Archie The Scare Pig.

Mario And Luigi: Pirate Galaxies

Both Simpson55 and me agreed to make a new M&L game together: Mario And Luigi: Island Adventures

  • Old favorites return, such as Yoshi's, Toads, and, once again, Starlow.
  • The new villain is a pirate/alien kind of guy. His name isn't revealed yet, however.
  • Instead of babies or Bowser, we're adding a NEW playable character, Orabbit, a Nabbit from space.
  • This will be the first time Bowser Jr. and King Boo appear in an M&L game.
  • The game will feature a new tactic similar to Giant Boss Battles: Mario, Luigi, and Orabbit jump in Orabbit's UFO and shoot any giant enemy, such as a giant Space Pirate named Akrivus.
  • Once again, Beans, along with a hiding Fawful, return.

That's all for now!

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