Fantendo Quest
Fantendo Quest is being revived, with a completely new gameplay. It's less of an RPG and more of a strategic little game. In fact stuff like HP are SP left out so it's barely even an RPG. Anyways in case you didn't know this is a user game, thus it includes users as playable characters.

The battle gameplay is kinda a pain to explain, so lets start with the overworld. In the overworld, there are two different modes, visual and source.

To actually get anywhere, the player must use visual. Visual mode is almost exactly like a Pokemon game overworld: topish view and four directions to move in. Though walking and running aren't the only actions jumping, sliding, spinning and more can also be preformed. Of course items can be found, some are stuck in capsules and require a sysop to open. Items can be as random as it gets, so If you see something like Steli's Afro Wig in the items table don't be surprised.

Source mode on the other hand, is similar to a 2D sidescroller. The player can run, jump and stuff but in glorious 2D! Enemies also appear in this mode, not to hurt the player but to erase the code. If a certain percentage of code is erased then the player gradually loses health, bit by bit until enough code is restored. Code can be fixed simply by touching erased code. So why go into source anyways, well there are blank boxes that can be filled with stuff like spanbackground color etc. to change visual's environment. Need a bridge? add the end to an unfinished table, need a picture to show an NPC? Inset one and adjust it to the right px. To explain battling, first imagine a square table with 2 users on one end. On the other side is some nasty troll. The table includes 4x6 spaces.
On the row nearest to the users are 4 figurines, 2 for each user. These are figurines of one of their characters. Each is placed on a different column, across from an enemy figure.
Three figures (including enemy figures) cannot be on one column at a time.
A figure only has one attack or move as I should call it. Instead of having HP a figure is knocked back a certain amount of spaces when attacked. If an enemy figure is destroyed then the figure is returned to the user and the column is destroyed. If a user's figure is knocked off their lane then they hit the user, making the user lose HP. If a user runs out of HP then they become "globally blocked" (die) and can be revived, but under difficult circumstances.
Each user bears the option to swap one of their character figurines with the other one, in which has a move that lacks any knockback, but has a different effect such as boosting figures up a space.
Before using a move all of the following actions may be done -moving a figure forward/backward a space- choosing two figures to swap lanes-Using an item- Sorry if the battle gameplay made no since, I tired to explain it the best I could

Hamster Havoc: High Rollers
Hamster Havoc: High Rollers is a Hamster Havoc racing game. Yes it is similar to the Trak Oiram (backwards) series. But I've tried to make it as different as I can. Sadly the series itself lacks content and you could consider it not even ready for a spin off, oh well, what's stopping me? Ring's artwork has also been made, but his design isn't that great>

Since the characters are hamsters (well most of them anyways) they ride in plastic hamster balls. Although they aren't the most original designed things it suits the series better than any vehicle thinkable. Before a race or battle the player can customize their ball with patterns like checkers, stripes, etc. colors can even be applied to these patterns. After customization the player chooses an essence, essences don't even change a pixel of the ball's appearance. They simply add and lower stats. For example the sticky essence weakens speed but raises turning. 

While in races and some other minigames, gems can be found and collected.The player must have at least one of these to collect items from capsules. If the player lacks a gem and touches a capsule then they get a gem instead of an item. The more gems the player has, the better the items. If hit by a hazard the player drops a gem (2 if they have 5, the maximum). 

There are 6 different modes: World Prix, Arena, Multiplayer, Minigames, Mystery Bazaar and Collection.

World Prix is exactly like Grand Prix from Mario Kart, cups are now "globes". There are 4 globes with 5 stages each. Some tracks or parts of a track take place inside or on giant tubes, both ways support antigravity and can be driven on the top and bottom without falling.  50cc 100cc 150cc and Ultra difficulties are available. Though Ultra must be unlocked.

Arena hosts battle esque modes, such as trying to destroy each other's spheres using items or pushing everyone out of a ring. Bosses unlocked in the Mystery Bazaar can be fought here. Multiplayer supported

Exhibition is pretty easy to explain, play races just for fun with adjusted rules. Multiplayer supported

Minigames are pretty self explanatory, the player can play 3 different minigames that use the same controls but have different rules, theres 3 Minigames: Gem Gambit, Cherry Champ and Pinball Pandemonium. Multiplayer supported

Sometimes, keys only in menus and loading screens appear. While some are really hidden in places such as behind banners, icons, ect. some appear out of the blue and quickly disappear. To collect a key in the first place simply tap on it. Why collect keys anyway? The answer is simply for the Mystery Bazaar.

In the Mystery Bazaar there are 4 floors, each floor is basically boxes arranged in a square, 4 rows, 4 columns. It costs a key to open a box. A box may contain patterns, essences, colors and  sometimes even another box. After all boxes are cleared a giant box appears in the middle, that must be opened with 5 keys, these contain a boss battle that can be played in Arena. After the boss is defeated a new floor opens up.

I never really had time to finish but thanks for reading :3

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