Shonen Jump X Nintendo

Shonen Jump X Nintendo is my first project to present and is one of my highly anticipated one. If you don't know want know what Shonen Jump is, it's basically a magazine company that features mangas that are popular from Japan and America.

The game has elements from Jump Ultimate Stars and Smash Bros.. The main goal is to get the most points by knocking your opponent of the arena, just like Super Smash Bros.. All the characters also have movesets like Super Smash Bros.. From the Jump Ultimate Stars side, the manga deck returns. The manga deck is basically a deck that allows you to put a limited amount of pages that can affect the battle called "Komas". Komas cans help you in battle and are necessary for battle. There are three types of Komas: Fighters, Helpers, and Supporters. Fighters are easy to understand; they are the characters you use in battle. The proper maximum of Fighters you can have is three, and you can switch characters in battle by tapping their Koma on the bottom touch screen or by pressing the button you assigned them while customizing your Manga Deck (only L or R trigger). If you have multiple fighters, you need to choose a leader to start with a character in battle. Helpers are basically assists. You can call helpers by doing the same options as the "Fighters". Helpers can attack or screw up your opponents, support you in battle. Supporters are Komas that don't appear in the battlefield, but give you special abilities that can increase your defense, attack, etc.. You can get Komas by buying some with JxN Gems by beating missions and their achievements in Story Mode. To evolve/level up your Komas, you must synthesis at the "Koma Upgrader" mode and
choose the Koma you want. Some Komas have an ability tree that means that they have more than one type. Some Komas even have all three types (Fighters, Helpers, Supporters).

Shonen Jump X Nintendo is going to be for the 3DS, and the game will have a view similar to Super Smash Bros Melee and the game will have sprites similar to Card Wars Sagas.

The second game I'm showing is Demise. So far, the only character you really knew was Sak, and I decided to announce some new characters. The main antagonist's name is Lord Hades, the cause of demises. I'm not going to reveal so much about him for now. Sak also has a fairy friend who currently doesn't have a name, although I will confirm that she is Sak's guide, similar to Navi from the LoZ series. I'm still not revealing any victims now, mainly because I want to make a news blog about it.

One new gameplay mechanic I want to reveal is recruiting "Angels". Angels are basically Pikmin; always along your side and helping you in battle. To recruit Angels, you must buy them with Soul Drops, the main currency of the game. You can also use Soul Drops to upgrade your abilities, get new skills, level up you Angels, etc.. There are also semi-captains that are important to the story but I'm not revealing them now.

Demise is going to be for the Wii U and 3DS.

A Tanuki's Tale
A Tanuki's Tale is a 2D Platformer-Puzzle game I revealed in the past. Kogane, the main character I revealed, is a golden tanuki that has a magical ability called Mirakuru that can help tons of problems. I'm going to reveal some Mirakuru that Kogane can use.

Kasai is a type of Mirakuru that can burn or/and light with fire, Touketsu is a type of Mirakuru that can freeze objects, and Kaze is a ype of Mirakuru that can blow things away with wind. It is confirmed that there is going to 121 types of Mirakuru.

The city that Kogane is helping is now officially named; "Mikomi City", meaning "Hope" City in English.

A Tanuki's Tale is going to be for the 3DS.

Mythical Eyes
Mythical Eyes is a turn-based RPG that I'm very excited to work on. So far, the only confirmed characters are: Cyrus, Rachel, Angelo, and Oeil Mystique. I've been thinking of a new party member for the game, although I won't reveal it now. Even though I'm not revealing it now do to having mixed ideas, I will reveal that the party member is an animal.

The battle system will also be unique. All the characters have a special skill called a "Duo Break", a move that requires tons of SP and two living party members to do it. Certain characters can also interact with certain enemies to escape a battle with fast enemies, get items, etc..

Mythical Eyes is going to be for the Wii U

Phantasy Photo (Kuusou Foto)
One of my new games I'm revealing is Phantasy Photo, one of my favorite ideas I thought up of. Basically the main ideas of the game is cameras, illusions, and ghosts. The main protagonist is a female journalist named May. She bought a a colorful yet strange camera from a mysterious old man. When she decided to test it out, she sees weird and bizarre creatures (the ghosts). I'm not going to reveal the plot to much but you're going to see more soon when I'm going to create the page.

The game is a mix of a Japanese visual novel game and an Action-Adventure game. In every casual day, you can hang out with May's friends. Building a strong relationship with one of her friends can give May special abilities, stat boosts, prizes, etc.. The Action-Adventure element comes when you encounter a melancholy midnight. May will encounter symbolic ghosts that will try and kill her. May's camera can turn into a long pistol sword and she also has different types of magic; she can also use camera flashes to stun enemies. The gameplay will be like 3D Zelda games with some twists.

Phantasy Photo will be for the Wii U and I'll announce more information in a different day.

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