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Fantendo Iterum 2013
Fantendo Iterum is an upcoming large-scale fanon videogaming and fanfiction online convention hosted by Fantendo and created by Fantasize Studios, taking place on July 19 through July 21, 2013.

Presenters (Iterum)

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Company Presenting
X-Scissor Osakaland, Project Dreamer.
Bomb Productions Games Two Tentatively-Titled Things for Sure!!
Brock Productions With Renardy (tbc): Pikmin 3D, Nintendo Unlimited.
By myself: Kirby Cafe, Metroid 3DS, Pikmin Conquest, Paper Mario: Pen Power, Pac-Man Party 2, Sixth, Brock Rewards, Fire Emblem Assault, Super Mario ReWork series, Wario Land 3DS, WarioWare D.I.Y. Evolved, Game & Watch U
Keyhole Gaming Donkey Kong RacingPokémon Combat ArenaConker's Another Bad Fur DayKirby Squeak Squad HDDisney FestivalSonic and the Black Knight 2: The Return of the KingLove & NightmareRayman 4F-Zero Legends and Mega Man & Kirby: The Worlds Collide.
SuyoGames You will see.......
Wario Inc. Fall and Burn, The Legend of Zelda: Legend of Four, Project Nano
Creative Creations Inc. Untitled Fantendo games, Rhythm Race, The Rise of Darkness X Investigator S: Medieval Mashup (with Osaka (tbc)), Wario World 2: The Treasure Thief
Project Eternity Battle of Bracelets 5, Super Kyle Thunders 2, Mario Kart GTI, Galaxy Chaos, Night of Constellations, Fantendo Lords, Kuria's Medieval World and some other secrets.
Midnight Pulse Studios Dualotrum, Vegas Chimera, Bowser Reverse Redux
Shooting Star Studios Fantendo Racing Legends, Master of Four Seasons, Bombell: Explosive Quest, a new Mario game and other stuff.
Fritez Franchise Hamster Havoc: High RollersKirby's Dream Land U and Fantendo Vortex
Marzipan Foreign WarfareProject Wub
Flame Games Additional information added to All Fired Up and Flame in the Dark 4.
Fantasize Studios VOLT Seed, VOLT REvenge/Avenge, Anubio, Immerse Duo controller, SoLuna, Fantasize Engines, Your Fantendoverse, untitled Adventure Time game, untitled VOLT RPG, Project I²
N Studios Sixty 4's Puzzler, Painterly 2 Soundtrack info, and a secret last-day reveal.
Blecki Hearts Productions New games I'm not revealing now and some games I revealed in the past.
Cyclone Games Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Legends, Super Smash Bros. Courage, Super Mario 3D Friends.
Sactown Studios Cartoon All-Star Rumble, Tracks Ahead: Tanks a Lot!, My Little Pony: Puzzle-Solving is Magic, Hetalia Puzzle League, Pokemon Puzzle League 2
Twenty-Second Choice The Aeo Continuum (Strafe: Brother, Foregone: Knowledge Itself, Currently Unnamed Game), Fire Emblem: Coded

Categorypages (Iterum)

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