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Fantendo Idle Quest is a game where you idle, Punch a block for coins, and get some of Nutik's crazy inventions to hit the box for you.


You get to choose a player to hit the box. There are 6 possible starters, 5 given to everyone.

Smasher Max Speed Max Coins Achievement Message Upgrade Message Start Message
GOLDMARIO Golden Mario 5/sec Quintillion Fantastico! You earned an Achievement! We'll-a earn a more coins with this Upgrade! Welcome to Fantendo Idle Quest! Let'sa earn some coins!
Tom 3/sec Quadrillion You got an achievement! This upgrade should help us out. Hey. Let's earn some coins.
Billy 10/sec Trillion Yay, achievement!! Now we'll earn more coins! Hi! Let's earn coins together. We'll split 50/50, kay?
Robot 30/sec Quintillion Bee-boo-boo-bop, boo-boo-bop. Beep Bop Boppaboppa. Beep! Boop!
300px-AshleythewitchassistAshley 1/sec Sextillion Hmph. I deserved it more than you. What a waste of hard-earned cash! It's too bad we have to work together. I get all of it, or you're toast!

Special User starters

Smasher Max Speed Max Coins Achievement Message Upgrade Message Start Message
Nutik Nutik 25/sec Decillion Hurrah for Achievement! An Upgrade. More Coins, more money, more value! Gotta earn some coins!

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