As the entrance exploded, Doomulus snickered in glee.

"Finally.," he thought. "After over 10 decades, the coffin has been located."


As mentioned, an army of Doomulus-themed robots came into the cavern, holding a large lazer gun-like weapon. As one of them pressed a button on it's side, a giant orange light bridge appeared over the bottomless pit, making a path for the army to walk across.

"Sir! We've got readings of high power levels coming from around the corner!"

A monkey came running through the crowd. It has a robotic leg and a robotic arm, and an electrical eye was replacing a normal right eye.

"Bananas. Grace me with your presence. We know that Ezmia has extreme masses of power deep inside her. So what is the matter?"

"Well, my liege, it seems that 5 more beings are guarding the coffin. A blue one, a white one, a gray one, a red one, and a black one."

"So King Plumber, Micaliye, Ektaz, Aktoz, and Khaos are all guarding the coffin? Seem even bad gods band with the saviors once in awhile."

The monkey stopped talking as the army kept marching along, trying to reach their master's goal.

Eventually, they came to a round room with a silver floor. There were rust-covered pillars, and in the middle of the room was a gold coffin. It looked like it came straight from Egypt. A dark purple wave of air was flowing around it, saying "Hey, dipwads. Evil is inside. Don't open." Not really.

"So, this is how evil is stored. Straight into a coffin. Forget mummies. Let's put a GOD in there!," Doomulus said, sarcasm in his voice.

"She already is."

Five figures jumped from behind the coffin. As stated before, they were King Plumber, Micaliye, Ektaz, Aktoz, and Khaos. Five major parts of the Fantendo world.

"Well, look at the party. We've come to celebrate her timely appearance, have we?," Doomulus mocked.

"No, Doomulus. We've come to guard her!"

"Ah, Ektaz. The Fan himself. Perhaps we should lock you up first!"

"That wil not be nessacary, Grime."

"Then so be it. ROBOTS!! ATTACK!!!!!"

The robots behind Doomulus lunged at the five saviors, pinning them down. However, some weren't strong enough, and got broken apart by Khaos, turned to dust by Ektaz, and blown up by Aktoz. Micaliye and Plumber used melee moves, such as hard punches and headbutts, to make them short circuit.

All while the fight was going on, Doomulus laughed with Bananas. His plan was working.

"Now, Bananas?"

"Now, sir!"

Doomulus started running from Bananas into the crowd of robots and gods. He leaped from one wall to another, then eyed the coffin. He jumped onto the floor, and grabbed the coffins handles.

Aktoz was struggling with the robots when he saw Doomulus lifting the lid.


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