MegaToon Interactive

It's time for what to showcase, shall we?

What we'll continue working on

What we'll show you that can be new

  • Super Mario Adventures-It was gonna be done by me and HoshiNoKaabi2000, first detailed in Chat, now ready to be announced. The story shows you that what if they actually need to SAVE BOWSER'S KINGDOM while preventing an attack on the Mushroom Kingdom? As for who could be behind this?
  • The Adventures of Rapid Raccoon and Anomalure Man-Yet another Banjo-Kazooie-based game.
  • Ristar 2: Return of the Shooting Star-Ristar is back, better than ever!
  • Donkey Kong Barrel Blast 2: Bigger and Faster!-Like its precursor, but it is bigger and faster!

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