Fuzzball Incorporated
What should you expect in the Fantendo Holiday Showcase?

So, you came to see Fuzzball Inc. present? Fine. There's a lot of stuff—good and bad—to find in this presentation. Expect mysteries, drawing the line, finality, and a blizzard of content. And yes, I just hinted at the four things I'm majorly presenting lol. See you in December...


...okay forget the beating around the bush. The bush doesn't deserve that.

So, what am I, Fuzzy, going to present at this year's showcase? Well...
  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Raiders of Dawn and Raiders of Dusk will be showcased, with new info, character introductions, and even a new optional DLC dungeon!
  • Constelia, a new IP that follows the story of a Zodiac deity who has fallen from the cosmos and must fight her Zodiac comrades on Earth, will be announced.
  • Pokémon Topaz Version & Pokémon Peridot Version will be shown off, complete with some new Pokémon to bring to the table!
  • The Final Five Nights is also not missing the showcase, with some new info on the animatronics and the story.
  • Grammar Hunt will be introduced as the second new IP, a simple world-map kill game that follows the antics of Dr. Lan Guwage, an ELA teacher that goes on a murderous rampage against her students due to their lack of good grammar.
  • Drawn to Life: Broken Pencil's spotlight will return, with new gameplay and story information!
  • Mario & Luigi X Tomato Adventure will finally be touched on after its announcement at E3!
  • Two secret projects will be shown off, never before seen!
  • ...and finally, a new IP called Winter Wonders, which follows the story of a Snowy Weather God who tries to prevent natural disaster from striking the Earth.
Are you pumped yet?! No?! Well too bad, because this showcase will prove to be a successful one this year! See you during the showcase, viewers!

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