Hello and welcome to Transparent Interactive's presentation here at Fantendo Holiday Showcase, with a little delay, we'll finally go to the first announcement.


The Glassbox is our newest console. Since our last consoles (Dreamstation and Dreamstation Plus) were a miss, we are now announcing a console where all our previous mistakes are eliminated.


For the first time, we are relying on a classic-designed controller, while our previous consoles were equipped with a tablet-like controller. The only special thing is the small touch screen between the 2 control sticks.


The console itself looks very similar to its predecessors, but inside is way more power.
The console also gets a third party games-support, so it will be our first console with games from other studios, sign-ups will start in the next days.

The console will be released in Spring 2016.


Paper Mario: Legend of the Star Gate and MARIO KART 9, our current projects, will be released on Glassbox too.

For developers:
As already announced developers can sign-up their games for release on the Glassbox. Now the sign-up has begun. Ask here and add the category "Games for Glassbox" to your game's article.

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