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Welcome to my showcase! I have not as much stuff planned as I did last time, but I do have stuff.

Day Numero Uno: Laura thing and something special

Okay, so.

As you know, I have a ton of characters. Amy, Tayshaun, Krystal, the list goes on. But I only started out with just eight. And those eight are going to be a focus of something in the future. Stay tuned for Tayshaun & Amy - The Originals...

Note: If you're wondering who the original eight are, they are:

On the previews, I posted the following teaser:
Laura teaser
Well, I was going to work on a thing to do with Laura, showing what her life is like inside, kind of like an Osmosis Jones-esque thing. Saving Laura is coming soon...

Day Numero Dos: Nina and Nikolai thing

Yeah, Nina and Nikolai are getting a thing. Whether it'll be a game, movie, whatever, isn't decided yet. I'll post more info later.

There is heavy snowfall. A silhouette appears in the distance. The silhouette walks closer, and reveals their identity as Nina Chevoski.
"I'm ready to go."
A second silhouette appears, and they are revealed as Nikolai Popovic.
"Nina, what the-"
"Shut up Nikolai, the camera's rolling!"
"Wait, wh-"
Masters of the Mountains
Coming soon...

Day Numero Trés: Amy thing and Blaze thing

Amy's voice can be heard.
"We thought they were gone."
A sword is shown, emitting light, being dragged along cold hard ground. The sword is raised to reveal Amy's face.
"We were so wrong."
Amy slashes the sword, showing an even larger army.
"They came back, and they took over."
Two blue rings glow. Sparks in the shape of hands fly. Krystal walks forward.
"It's up to us to save the world again."
Amy shows up from behind, and they appear to be in front of a ruined Los Angeles. Amy slashes at the camera again and the logo is shown.
Amy vs The Future 2

A long trail of red can be seen. The camera travels along the trail to come across a person's feet. the camera pans up to show Blaze's face.
"I'm not the innocent chick everyone thinks I am."
Blaze pulls out a gun, and shoots the camera.
"I've been a spy since I was a kid. I know what to do, and when to do it."
Blaze walks into a dark room, with pin-up boards everywhere.
"This is my life, and nothing will stop me from doing this."
Blaze pulls down a pinup board with a picture of Nina, which also appears to have a dragon on it. Blaze then shoots the camera again, and the logo appears.
Coming soon

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