December 19

Hello everybody!

So, I know I'm not the most popular of users here, having made only one game for a very mixed-reviewed franchise.  Plus, I've never been on chat, so most of you probably never knew I existed. 

I do exist. 

Now that we have that out of the way, I'd like to reveal more about my game I've been teasing about for a while; SCP: XK-CLASS. 

I've kept a lot of the game's info under lock and key, but now I'm opening that chest.  So... what should I say....

Well, the game's basic story has been revealed already, SCP breaks out, world apocalypse, all that, but what about the gameplay?  In the game, you play as a member of an MTF Task Force (the guys who capture SCP's) who survived the incident.  You have to go throughout the entire world, trying to find the SCP's that got loose and secure them.  Along the way, you'll meet survivors, some friendly, and some not. 

The game is first-person, with no HUD, everythings controlled by buttons.  You also can only grab and carry a limited number of items (the amount depends on size and weight), but you can drop them off anywhere you'd like to pick them up later.  Also, the saving process is when you go to sleep in a bed, however, it's possible to die while you're asleep, so be careful! 

That's all for today!  Tomorrow, I'll reveal a new game! 

December 20

Ever wonder how Gods are created? 

Are they born? 

No, they're made. 

I present to you; G.O.D.

One day, I was on TV Tropes, and I stumbled on the Easter Egg page.  While reading all the great easter eggs in games, I thought to myself: "Man, I wonder what it'd be like to have a game entirely made of easter eggs."  BOOM!  Idea!  And this was the result. 

G.O.D has you play as a God, making a world in your own image.  The game is top-down-ish (think Sim City) with a text box next to the world screen.  You can type whatever you want in the text box, and, poof!  It's there!  All things have different reactions to other things, can be edited, and so on.  You can even visit other people's worlds! 

I plan to add on to the article whenever I have a new idea.  I plan to include everything.  Literally, everything.  ...This'll take a while....

Tomorrow I'll talk more about SCP: XK-CLASS. 

December 21


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