December 19th: Super Smash Bros. Antagonize


Mario, Sonic and Yoshi is facing on an unknown stage that looks like the stage you face Dark Pit as a boss battle in Chapter 6: Dark Pit. Sonic beats Yoshi and Mario by doing the Super Peal Out move from Sonic CD (which is an unlockable special side move bought at the Smash Shop). Then a pitch black figure that resembles Pit appears behind the hedgehog.

Sonic turns around and sees the pitch black figure behind him. The figure goes into a fighting stance, and Sonic does the same. The two clash and begin to face each other, in the end, the figure was victorious, then the pitch black colors fade away and it shows the new upcoming challenger, Dark Pit.

Dark Pit's down special and Final Smash has been changed in the game. Dark Pit has been nerfed as his side special does less knockback and his up special doesn't recover him that much.

December 20th: Virtua Fighter 6


December 21th: Fantendo Sports Mix