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FHS 2015

December 18th-21st

The Fantendo Holiday Showcase of 2015 is an upcoming showcase event, hosted by Dk64rules (tbc) in celebration of the holiday season. It will take place over the weekend before Christmas, starting on Friday, December 18th, and concluding on Monday, December 21st.

FHS 2015 is the first Fantendo showcase to have an open community draw event, this one being themed around the holidays, which will begin on December 1st and will last until the end of the showcase on the 21st.



A completely-optional way for audiences to get a sneak peek as to what presenters will be showing during the showcase!

Previews are officially allowed as of Friday, November 20th, and should conclude on Thursday, December 17th.

Christmas Community Draw Extravaganza

An open community draw event where anyone can request artwork of their characters, and anyone can reply fulfilling that request!

The Christmas Community Draw Extravaganza will begin on Tuesday, December 1st, and conclude on Monday, December 21st.

Snowytime Writing Contest

A writing contest, themed for the holidays!

The Writing Contest will begin on Saturday, December 12th, and conclude on Tuesday, December 29th. Voting will be held from the 29th until New Year's Day, January 1st.


It's time for the main event, folks! Of course, the presentations are pretty self-explanatory!

Presentations will begin, as the red box displays above, on Friday, December 18th, and conclude on Monday, December 21st.

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