Welcome to the Pyro Enterprises presenation!


Hey, guys! Welcome to Pyro Enterprises' first Holiday Showcase! I'm not going to bother going through a big speech pre-showcase, so let's just get right into the new projects!

Day 1: New Games


This was inspired by a video on YouTube I saw about zero-gravity gun recoil in Call of Duty being wrong. Seeing how it actually worked, I got an idea.

Graviton is a 5v5 team-based first-person shooter set in 2565, where humans have mastered antigravity technology and use it in a "Hunger Games"-style arena known as The Graviton. It seems like a standard FPS at first, gunning down opponents and assisting teammates in completing objectives.

That standard-ness goes away once you turn off the gravity.

Players have the ability to deactivate their personal gravity field at will, leaving them floating in midair. However, this does not enable flight, and one cannot swim through the air while in antigravity. Instead, the rarely-utilized feature of gun recoil takes the spotlight here, as players must fire in the opposite direction of their desired location and use the recoil to launch themselves there. Typically, more powerful weapons have higher recoil. This means rapid-fire weapons like flamethrowers and machine guns grant slower, smoother, and more controlled zero-g flight, while powerful weapons like rocket launchers and sniper rifles can conceivably launch you across the map if you don't hit anything along the way. Players can also reactivate gravity at will, anchoring themselves to the ground- or other surfaces.

Any flat surface is a valid target for anchoring to, so the walls and ceiling are just as valid fighting locations as the floor. Many of the maps reflect this design, having different layouts depending on what surfaces you anchor to.

Of course, as the game focuses on multiplayer, there are two standard modes to start with- Team Battle (and a free-for-all 1P Battle variant) and Capture The Sphere. Capture The Sphere is a variant on the classic Capture The Flag mode, where the flag (now a giant antigravity sphere) cannot be carried, and must be shot into a goal in your team's base. Since it's an antigravity sphere, it can chaotically bounce around if shot hard enough, and you can actually receive bonus points for killing an opponent with their own sphere. Other, more unique modes include Zero G Battle (permanent antigravity), Hot Potato (one life, invincibility, and randomly engulfs surfaces in instant-kill lava), and Hide and Sweep (one team hides, the other team searches for them).

Hopefully you've enjoyed Graviton!

Heart to Heart

I had so many ideas for a 2D game involving emotion I eventually decided to cram like 7 games into one. This is the result of that idea.

The story starts off when a young girl named Emma unintentionally discovers an ancient cult known as the Cardiarium, masters of emotion who are attempting to awaken some ancient monster. Planning to punish the girl for uncovering secrets about the cult that have been hidden for eons, they replace her heart with an ancient relic they call the Heartshard, and plan to sacrifice her to the aforementioned monster. Emma manages to escape, but the Caridarium are still searching for her...

Incidentally, after a few mishaps involving the Heartshard activating, it is revealed what it can do- upon Emma experiencing a certain emotion much more than usual, it transforms her into a "persona" based on that emotion, granting her extraordinary powers and skills... but also giving her a different personality and near-inability to control her actions. When the story doesn't involve Emma taking on Cardiarium goons or fighting/causing other crimes, it's about her trying to control her alternate personalities and learning how to be the superhero she has accidentally become.

Every one of Emma's personas have a drastically different gameplay style, so much so that the only thing that they have in common is a 2D perspective.

  • Scarla: A red-armored warrior that embodies the emotion of anger. Scarla's gameplay is pretty much as close to Dynasty Warriors as you can get with a 2D game, fending off waves of enemies single-handedly with a flaming sword.
  • Renji: A slender, orange-garbed scientist with massively thick glasses who embodies the emotion of curiosity. Renji's gameplay involves manipulation of electric currents and magnetism, either to solve puzzles or fight enemies.
  • Sunny: A little chibi-styled girl in a yellow dress who represents the emotion of happiness. Sunny's gameplay is reminiscent of an ability from Kirby 64, where Kirby could pull inhaled enemies out of his mouth and hold them. Sunny can do the same, and her held enemy or object will often give her a special power.
  • Lima: Garbed in a green Indiana Jones-style outfit, Lima represents the emotion of adventure and excitement. Lima's gameplay is a lot like a 2D Zelda game, with exploration and puzzle elements taking place over combat. However, whereas Link has his sword, Lima has dual grappling hooks, which may be utilized in several ways to solve puzzles/fight if necessary.
  • Cerula: A priestess-like persona wearing a blue cloak. Cerula represents the emotion of sadness, and has even more of a puzzle focus than Renji and Lima, this time focused on control of water. She can turn water into ice or steam, and all the puzzles stem from that basic ability. There is combat, but as Cerula cannot fight directly, she must use water in her environment to attack foes (trapping them in ice, crushing them with an ice block, using steam clouds to evade foes, etc.)
  • Lilla: A purple leather-jacket wearing, pistol-wielding persona who refuses to back down to even the most powerful opponent, Lilla represents the emotion of confidence (as much as Emma wants to call it cockiness). Lilla is constantly in motion, and can never stop moving, only have her movement direction changed. Whereas one stick controls her movement, the other stick controls the direction she fires in, making Lilla's gameplay an incredibly fast-paced twin-stick shooter/platformer hybrid.
  • Rose: A thief wearing a scarf and pink catsuit, Rose represents the emotion of love- and is the hardest to control out of all the personas, as Emma starts off incapable of preventing the thefts that Rose pulls off. Rose's gameplay is a unique stealth-action hybrid, as she is only capable of attacking with her dagger and arrows if she is unnoticed by enemies.

While each persona is usually confined to their own missions, boss fights have the unique effect of having multiple personas activate within the level, usually as the fight goes on.

Well, that's all for Heart to Heart!

Super Mario Windstorm

I take it that people would prefer another 3D Mario game along the lines of Sunshine or Galaxy than 3D World. Or maybe that's just me.

Anyways, Super Mario Windstorm begins when Bowser and his son make an alliance with a new villain known as Blitzenkrieg, a cloud pirate who resides in the skies above the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser, backed up by Blitzenkrieg's forces kidnaps Princess Peach and destroys her castle with the Mario Bros. inside. All hope seems lost when a mysterious wind appears and whisks the two brothers out of the rubble.

The wind transports the two to a mysterious garden hovering high in the air, where a race of cloud-like beings dwell. The bros are quickly introduced to the princess of this Sky Garden, Princess Gale. As protector of the skies, she was worried about Blitzenkrieg teaming up with Bowser, and she wanted to team up with the brothers to defeat the new allied force. They agreed, and the trio set off to save the day once again.

Super Mario Windstorm plays a lot like Sunshine would if there was no FLUDD. Instead, players utilize the Pyrohedron's touchscreen to use Gale's powers (even if you aren't playing as her) and manipulate the wind. This works much like the Galestorm power does in Okami, but is more useful and has a broader spectrum of uses.

There are once again multiple power-ups that can be collected, but these are no longer just offensive, and are often used in more puzzling ways than in past games. Past powers like the Fire Flower and Rock Mushroom return, alongside a ton of new powers, like the newly revealed Super Battery, which grants characters the ability to generate electric charges.

Super Mario Windstorm will be coming up soon after the showcase. Consider it a kind of Christmas gift. Or Hanukkah gift.


People who have seen the Pyrohedron's page will have seen this project coming a mile away. However, this secret project is now being officially revealed for the first time!

After the mass exodus of humanity during the events of Heroforce (yes, multiple games of mine tie together, but that's another story), the remaining robotic and technologic lifeforms pretty much took over what remained of Earth. This eventually led to the formation of the Binary Collective, a hive mind-like brain that controlled the majority of the robots. However, in the year 7025 (around the time Heroforce takes place), an error occured inside the Binary Collective, and a virus spread among the vast populace of the crumbling planet. It is now up to Mother Ai, the program behind the BC, and Unit 7, a drone who was unaffected by the virus, to restore peace to what remains of Earth.

404 has elements of the RTS and the god game genre. While players step into the shoes of Mother Ai, Unit 7 is the one doing all the heavy lifting, and is guided through her commands. 7 will automatically fight corrupted robots, do tasks, or build machines if directed to do so by the player, much like a single, more powerful Pikmin. However, as the Binary Collective pretty much controls Earth itself now, a god game mechanic show up as well- Nanobots. As Nanobots are collected by beating enemies or through the Nano Forge machine, they can be spent to either create more buildings or to terraform the world, making your base harder to attack or launching an assault on the enemy bases.

Additionally, Unit 7 can be customized with scrap metal and parts from fallen adversaries. These parts include chassis, engine, CPU, antivirus programs, and limbs, which often come with cool weaponry from the enemy. Defeat massive foes in battle, and use their parts to take on their powers!

That's all for the RTS/god game hybrid, 404. And we've got one more thing tonight....

Smash Trailer 1

I will be ending off all days in the Showcase with a new trailer for Super Smash Bros. Quantum. Tonight, we begin with "The Omega Arc", revealing the first true glimpse of the story mode.

The trailer begins in the same black room with the Smash Ball. However, instead of shattering like usual, it is struck by a blast of energy by what appears to be a woman in a black and white metallic gown, fighting off a man dressed in similar garments. She tries fighting off the man, but is eventually knocked down, revealing her identity through a splash image- Lady Omega ends the battle...

The man attempts to finish off Omega, but a red version of the mysterious rifts appears below her and she vanishes. The man simply smiles and begins chuckling to himself as the screen fades to black...

Day 2: Information on Existing Games

Today, I won't be announcing any new games. However, I'll be talking more about games that I've already revealed. So, without further ado, let's begin!

The Legend of Zelda: Worlds Below

I've already revealed this Zelda/Minecraft hybrid and how the overworld works, but I've yet to get into the meat of the game- the story.

The story starts off with Link living in one of the mining colonies below what little remains of Hyrule (not that he would know, as thousands of years have passed since Ganon took it over), alongside his sister, Zelda. The two start off living relatively happily in the mines, alongside the rest of the colony. However, one day, during a scouting mission into a mineshaft closer to the surface, the two discover Bokoblin troops attempting to get lower underground. With the revelation that Ganon had scoured the entire surface for the Hylians, alongside the mysteriously vanishing Triforce, the children realized that he had begun his search underground, and would eventually wipe out the people dwelling underground.

However, soon after this revelation, a much more powerful monster attacked the two- a bat-like beast that was apparently the leader of this underground excursion team. It knocked them both unconscious, claiming it would grant Ganon two of the Triforce pieces that he desired- but to its shock, neither of the children possessed a piece. Enraged, it ordered some of the Bokoblin troops to take them to a base they had set up underground.

Yeah, Zelda isn't kidnapped for once. :)

That actually ties into a more Paper Mario-styled mechanic that I never talked about- the partner system. Zelda is one of the many partners that can be collected throughout the story, each of which have unique powers that affect how puzzles are solved and how the overworld is navigated. Zelda's specific ability is her bow, useful mostly due to the fact that Link never gets one in this game.


While Paper Mario 5 may be my magnum opus (at least for now), Heroforce is one of my favorite projects, mostly because it's pretty much my dream game. So of course I held off on info until now.

For the uninitiated, Heroforce is a combination of Kid Icarus: Uprising, Xenoblade Chronicles, Halo, Dynasty Warriors, and Super Smash Bros. (I believe that borrowing from enough sources can create something entirely new) that pits teams of 6 against each other. Players can choose between 64 different Heroes to fight, each having their own specialty in battle. However, I'm now announcing some more heroes!


  • Flare: The Hero chosen by the Ignisite race. A spunky Hero to be sure, as she taunts opponents constantly, making fun of their fighting styles and abilities. A master archer, Flare is a more mobile sniper than Skoru'Da, and is capable of parkour around the battlefield.
  • Gine: The Hero chosen by the Elizaberian race. Naturally frail, the Elizaberians are masters of steam-powered weaponry, and as such, Gine possesses a massive steampunk-styled mecha. He specializes in defense, as he is capable of setting up very powerful shields.
  • PK-25: A robotic Hero that represents the junkyard planet of Scrapworld. Originally a butler robot, he was outfitted with large amounts of weaponry by his owner and sent into the battle for Coronite. PK-25 can shift between several forms, ranging from a stationary laser turret to a flying medic drone.
  • Retron: The Hero chosen by the Genisnes race. Bizarrely for a living being, Genisnites have very choppy movements (think Mr. Game and Watch and you've got the jist of how he moves). Retron was designed to pretty much be a playable variation of the infamous Kirby boss, Computer Virus, as he traps opponents in an inescapable sphere and alternates between invincible attacking periods and vulnerable periods where he can only evade attacks.
  • Toxin: A Hero who supposedly represents the Khyberian race... which is a lie. The master huntsman killed the original representative under orders from Lucius, who paid him to take out other Heroes and clear off Coronite. Toxin is capable of fighting from two fronts at once, as he possesses a Khyberian Sectrahound as an AI ally that obeys his commands.

Additionally, we have a new type of battle mode that reflects part of Heroforce's inspiration: MOBA Mode! In this mode, team bases will continuously spawn small robots known as Mobots, which attempt to get over to the opponent's base and merge together to form a laser cannon that attacks the base. If the opponent's base falls, you win.

One last thing related to Heroforce: I'm starting an anime based on it.

While the basic premise is the same, the Heroforce anime will focus more on Fera than the game, where she is simply one of many Heroes. Additionally, this show will let me show off a bit more of the backstory and story in general of the game... such as what Lucius's plot is....

That's all for Heroforce!

City of The Sands

Once again, a recently announced project that I never fully shed light on. All I gave last showcase was the story and a general description. Now, I can get into a little more detail.

Sakirina's goal in the game is to explore the entire labyrinth that is the Sand Kingdom ruins. Just because it's ruins, however, doesn't mean the locations will all be generic tomb/pyramid stuff. Locations vary from a beautiful underground grove to a lava-filled torture chamber. And the weapons are even more varied, ranging from a shield that can absorb elemental energies and release them as lasers, to a huge shuriken that can be telekinetically controlled, to a massive suit of armor that enables phasing through solid objects. Every weapon possesses a unique puzzle and combat ability, which usually tie into the Pokémon-style type system.

Additionally, City of The Sands is the first Pyro Enterprises game to support amiibo! While the only figure for the game so far is a Sakirina amiibo, scanning the figure will create a "Double Ganger" somewhere in the Sand Kingdom. Hunting it down and defeating it grants a lot of rewards, but be wary- it gets smarter every time it is defeated, eventually becoming so powerful that it starts playing the boss theme once you find it. More amiibo may be launched for the game at some point.

Other amiibo-compatible Games

There are a few more games of mine that are compatible with amiibo figures. These include:

  • Kirby Fighters Y: amiibo will be released of each character (not each individual copy ability). Scanning an amiibo of a character works much like amiibo from SSB4, creating a CPU fighter with selectable abilities that gets smarter as it fights.
  • 404: No unique amiibo, but amiibo from SSB4 are compatible. Scanning an amiibo unlocks custom parts for Unit 7 (i.e., Bionis-styled chassis for a Shulk figure, Dark Pit Staff weapon for a Dark Pit figure, Halberd engine for a Meta Knight figure, etc).
  • Mythikal: No unique amiibo, but amiibo from SSB4 are compatible. Scanning a figure unlocks a miniquest that results in obtaining of a Mytholith containing a Myth based on the character (i.e., Mastraconda for Link, Vakunova for Kirby, Atholia for Palutena, Detoduck for Duck Hunt, etc).
  • Super Mario Windstorm: Mario, Luigi, Peach and Bowser amiibo from SSB4 are compatible, and a Gale amiibo will be released around the time the game does. Scanning an amiibo of Mario, Luigi, or Gale for the first time enables players to record game data and course times to the amiibo, enabling the sharing of ghost data. Scanning the Peach amiibo initiates Love Mode, which decreases difficulty in exchange for inability to keep progress, and scanning the Bowser amiibo initiates Anger Mode, which ups the difficulty in exchange for massively increased rewards.

Smash Trailer 2

A little something to end of Day 2! Another story trailer, this time called "Alpha's Ambition".

The trailer once agains begins in the black room with the Smash Ball. It shatters, and gameplay cuts to the new version of Final Destination, as Mario, Kirby, Samus, and Melia are seen fighting each other. The fight goes on for a few minutes, until one of the blue rifts appears and fires out a sword-like projectile, which knocks the four back. The mysterious man from the Omega Arc trailer comes out, with two of the same sword-like constructs floating at his side, as another splash message appears- Lord Alpha begins the corruption...

Mario is the first to get up, and he attempts to strike Alpha, but the new adversary fires off a blast of energy that stuns Mario in mid-air, causing him to fall to the ground. The other fighters approach Mario as he slowly gets up- with eerie blue glowing eyes. Turning on the other Smashers, he manages to defeat them all and degenerate them into Trophy form.

As Alpha gazes over his prize, he orders Mario to collect the trophies for him. Before Mario can pick up Samus's trophy, however, a blast of electric energy knocks him back. The two antagonists look up to see Lady Omega hovering in the air, next to a sleek female fighter with a long scarf. The girl flexes her muscles, giving off a burst of electricity and a splash message- Phosphora strikes back!

The trailer then cuts to gameplay, showing a match between Lady Omega and Phosphora vs. Lord Alpha and the corrupted Mario, labeled as "Mario α". After much fighting, the battle ends in a stalemate, with Lord Alpha and Mario α retreating into another blue rift. Phosphora quickly activates the three fighter trophies as Lady Omega opens up a red rift, beckoning the newly awakened fighters to follow her. While they are at first confused, Phosphora explains what had happened, and they decided it would be best to follow Omega for now. The trailer ends as the five step into the rift and it closes.

Well, see ya tomorrow!

Day 3: Paper Mario 5 DLC

Yeah, my aforementioned magnum opus isn't quite finished yet. While there is a sequel beyond Sun Flower, I'm going to be talking about the DLC today instead.

Instead of my original idea of having like 15 packs with 10 chapters each, I've decided to trim down a bit/pack in even more content, as I am now creating 5 packs with 20 chapters each. That's about 50 less chapters, but I want to try tying this story together more coherently.

Paper Peach: Adventure of The Lost Ark

Pack 1 stars none other than the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom herself, Princess Peach! Following the events of PM5, she has become more adventurous, sneaking out whenever she can to try to have another adventure like the last one. However, things don't really go her way... until the Ark shows up.

Identified as a piece of technology from the Eternity Kingdom (read PM5 to know what this is), the Ark is a massive boat-like construct that has been recently excavated from the mines beneath Toad Town. And when Toadsworth isn't looking, the princess, deciding that this could be the adventure she has been waiting for, enters the ship, unaware of the dangers within... and wondering how tech from another dimension could reach the Mushroom Kingdom...

Paper Peach's main gimmick to separate it from PM5 is the more exploration-focused gameplay. As the entire game takes place on the Ark, it's pretty much a huge dungeon consisting of little dungeons. As such, it's a lot like A Link Between Worlds- chapters can be completed in any order, and partners can be obtained in any order.

Paper Luigi: On Star Road

Pack 2 stars Mario's second banana brother Luigi post-PM5, where even after the biggest, longest quest to date, he is still relatively ignored in favor of his brother. He eventually decides to go to Star Road, where wishes are said to come true, and decides to wish that he was more well-known.

However, when Luigi finally gets to Star Road, he finds a mysterious pink crystal embedded within the cosmic stream that is the road. Upon touching it, Luigi accidentally unleashes a pink, misty figure, who introduces herself as Ajenii, a cosmic genie of sorts. Luigi assumes that Ajenii is going to grant him a wish, but she merely thanks Luigi for releasing her- then takes off, planning to grant wishes to villains across the Mushroom World and regain enough of her power to conquer it on her own. Horrified as to what he has done, Luigi sets of with a piece of the crystal to try to seal Ajenni back up.

Paper Luigi's main gimmick is the wish system. Using the first partner's power (that partner is a secret at the moment), Luigi cannot only tattle NPCs, but also discover their deepest desire. If Luigi can do something to make that NPC's wish come true, his piece of Ajenii's crystal will gain wish energy, and a certain amount of it is required to unlock the final chapter. Usually, the chapter end reward is a big lump of wish energy, but simply going through the game won't be enough to fill up the shard. Additionally, extra rewards are unlocked for going over the required amount of wish energy.

Paper Bowser: Revenge Is Sweet

Pack 3 is actually already up, but it'll be going through some changes at this point. It stars Bowser after he is tricked by a seemingly revived Fawful and has his kingdom taken over. the story follows the Koopa King's quest for revenge.

Paper Bowser's main gimmick is the Chaos feature. Since I felt that Bowser being a good guy was doable, but not very fitting, I figured making him a bit more villainous would be much cooler. Bowser is capable of doing anything a good villain can do- rob NPCs, fight other heroic characters, or even destroy certain buildings. While the main story is always about the same, certain activities are blocked off or unlocked depending on Bowser's Chaos level.

Paper Toadea: The Secret of The Nexus

Pack 4 stars Toadea, the main partner of PM5. This one was mostly backstory ideas, showing off the majority of why PM5 occurs and Toadea's relationship with Lord Cloak.

The main gimmick of PT is the fact that it plays more like Super Paper Mario than TTYD or PM5, aside from the fact that any character is capable of flipping into 3D. Additionally, there is a new system added in, known as the Superpower system, which act much like Powers from Kid Icarus: Uprising.

There's one completely new DLC pack, but I'll cover that in a bit.

Paper Rosalina: Legend of The Cosmic Spirit

The fifth and final Paper Mario 5 DLC pack stars Rosalina, mother of the Lumas and cosmic adventurer extraordinaire! Why her? Mostly just because I like her and I haven't seen that many games with her as the star (pun fully intended).

Legend of The Cosmic Spirit begins with the titular Cosmic Spirit being revealed as the guardian of the entire Mario universe, a primordial force of nature that keeps the forces of order and chaos in balance. However, in the beginning of the game, it is destroyed by the pack's main villain, a being of pure antimatter known as Atrophis. What little remains of the Cosmic Spirit scatters across the universe, trying to find a suitable candidate to replace it as protector of all life. Sensing Rosalina's warm, motherly spirit, it decides to train her to become its successor and defeat Atrophis.

The game plays a bit more like Super Mario RPG than Paper Mario (at least battle-wise), but overall, it's pretty much a normal PM in terms of gameplay. Until you unlock Galaxy Power.

Galaxy Power is the main gimmick of the game, enabling Rosalina to manipulate the forces of gravity at will. This acts like paperization from Sticker Star, pausing the action and enabling the player to choose what direction gravity flows in or what it focuses on. (Yeah, I'm really interested in the concept of gravity. Deal with it.)

That's every DLC pack for Paper Mario 5 I plan on doing, though my buddies may eventually make some more.

Oh, and while we're on the subject of Mario...

5 Nights With Captain Toad

I just wanted to make a FNaF game that wasn't just adding twenty more animatronics or extra nights. This was my best option.

The game takes place some time after Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, where E. Gadd decides to bulldoze the final mansion of the game, the Treacherous Mansion. He then lets Luigi pick out what to do with the newly opened land- he eventually decides on a pizza place (Super Show, anyone?). Tired of having to deal with the dark, Luigi then decides to run the joint during the day shift. Captain Toad, eager to prove his bravery, takes on the night shift.

Too bad nobody realized that the ghosts from the mansion got ticked off and began to possess the animatronics around the Mario Bros. Family Diner...

5 Nights With Captain Toad plays much more like Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker than Five Nights at Freddy's- you wander around mid-sized labyrinths while controlling the camera, all the while planning out a route to follow in exchange for the ability to jump. The same rule applies here, but instead of dealing with a Power Star, you've got to spend 6 hours surviving against the possessed animatronic enemies.

Like FNaF, Captain Toad has to watch his power level throughout the night, which drains upon closing doors (which must be opened again to let the captain out of a room) and keeping lights on (which covers a whole room at once as opposed to the halls on either side of the security room). Another change is that the camera, a returning feature from FNaF, is now wireless, meaning it does not drain power and may be used even when power hits 0. It can even be used while moving- if you don't mind not seeing where you're going.

There are 20 animatronics in FNwCT, but only four random ones activate every night. These range from an animatronic Bowser (based off of Sunshine's Mecha-Bowser) that can break through doors to an animatronic bird called "Buzzy", who flies around the diner in a set path. However, there's one who is always a threat... the Shadow, inspired by the Shiverburn figures, rendered in the same way as Shadow Freddy/Shadow Bonnie, and has the same attack methods as the Marionette- except you hav to actually go to his room and wind up his music box instead of doing it wirelessly. Getting caught will, of course, trigger a FNaF-styled jumpscare.

Luckily, Captain Toad has far more ways to defend himself than Mike or Jeremy ever have. Aside from lights, doors, and a blanket that acts like FNaF2's Freddy Mask, he can also throw certain objects around. These can act as projectiles that stun animatronics, blockades that protect him from certain enemies, or platforms to access new hiding spots. Captain Toad can also bring a single power-up into a night, ranging from the Star (counters a single jumpscare) to the Super Battery (instantly restores 25% power).

Additionally, the 5 nights moniker is a bit of a lie. There are three modes- 30 Nights, Event Night, and Custom Night. While Custom Night lets you design a map and show it off on the internet, and 30 Nights is the story mode, Event Night is much like the Smash Bros. event matches, pitting the captain against certain animatronics with certain special rules or effects.

Oh, and there's a Golden Freddy ripoff that looks like Dark Bowser.

Have fun with 5 Nights With Captain Toad!

...IT'S-A ME...

Smash Trailer 3

And since we were just talking about Captain Toad, let's give him his reveal trailer, "The Captain's Orders"!

The trailer starts off with the same black room/Smash Ball intro. Once the Smash Ball shatters, it cuts to a scene of the Great Sea, as Toon Link is attempting to scale up the Tower of the Gods with an unknown figure trailing behind him. Once he gets to the top, however, he sees Lord Alpha and the corrupted Mario summoning more of the corrupted creatures from the past trailers. Toon Link draws his sword, as the unknown figure leaps up over him, revealing a newcomer splash message- Tetra storms into battle!

Gameplay is shown of the 4 fighters duking it out on the Tower of The Gods stage, specifically showing off Tetra's ability to transform into Toon Zelda. However, Lord Alpha eventually dominates the two young fighters, and is about to have Mario finish them off, when a strange tune starts playing- and a glowing pickaxe drives right into Mario's head, launching him off the tower. Toon Link and Tetra star at the fighter who saved them, revealing another splash message- Captain Toad puzzles the competition!

Cutting back to gameplay, the trailer then shows off Captain Toad's gameplay, specifically showing off his Final Smash, Draggadon Cannon, before cutting to a game logo. After the logo clears, Alpha flies off the tower, hoping to retrieve Mario. Captain Toad begins talking to Link and Tetra, saying Alpha was up to n good, something they easily understood. A red rift then opened above their heads, containing Lady Omega and the fighters from the last trailer. Omega helps the captain up as Link and Tetra climb into the rift.

Day 4: RPG Information

Like yesterday, today will mostly be new information about old games. This time, however, I'm dedicating the day t one of my favorite genres, the RPG.


Like I announced last Showcase, Starlight is a Xenoblade-styled RPG as opposed to a turn-based one. As I touched more on the backstory than the gameplay, I'll be focusing on that today.

Once again, Starlight plays a lot like Xenoblade does, which he ability to freely move around during battle and specific moves having special effects depending on what side of an enemy you're on. However, in Starlight, you can only obtain two party members throughout the entire game. This is managed through the Constellation system, which enables each party member to switch between different art sets at will.

The Society of The Stars group mentioned in the last Showcase is the main protagonist group, hiding and protecting the remaining Stella Nocti deities. After a member of the society, Violet, is captured by a street gang after accidentally showing off that she is capable of Stellamancy, the group's latest recruit, Jared, is sent out on his first mission to save her. Don't worry, the plot gets much cooler than that.

While Jared doesn't have a lot of control over his Stellamancy power, Violet does, which ties into how they work. Jared is a lot like Seven, in that he has a ton of arts that lets the player customize him to whatever they desire. Violet, having more control, is capable of forming weaponry out of cosmic energy, something Jared can't. Switching weapons locks her into a set group of arts, dedicated towards a single role rather than a completely custom set of arts. Players can switch between Violet and Jared at will in a similar maneuver to the LEGO games, letting the player draw aggro with one character, then switch to the other and strike from behind.

That's really about it for Starlight for now.


Once again, this Mario & Luigi/Okami hybrid was announced last Showcase, with barely any information about it. Now, I'm here to reveal a bit more stuff for it.

The main character Geki, is revealed to be the reincarnation of the Japanese god of thunder, Susano-o. The same is true for every other part member in the game, as some cosmic imbalance is causing them to reawaken from eons of nonexistence. This imbalance has also brought to life various Yokai from Japanese folklore, which are the game's enemies, all based off of my twisted interpretation of their described design.

Battles play out a lot like Mario & Luigi, with precise timing taking precedence over over-leveled characters. The main difference here is that A) there can be four party members out in the field at once, and B) characters each have their own list of Special Attacks, instead of having a group listing. Additionally, Geki is the only party member that cannot be switched out of the party, as she has a unique mechanic- she can use the Regalia, an ancient, shape-shifting blade based off of a combination of the three Japanese Imperial Regalia (the sword, mirror, and beads). The Regalia is capable of truly amazing things in battle, basically making it a truly absurd Special Attack that can have any desired use. However, once the Regalia is used, it requires cooldown before Geki can use it again, and the lack of power from this weapon weakens her greatly. Luckily, she can still use her main weapon- a taiko drum that can summon electricity.

Still not done with most of the concepts for Thunderstrike. It will be done soon, I promise.


An new game! I just lumped this one in with the RPGs because it was one.

The game takes place in a world with 6 different dimensions, all overlapping one another. When Cross, a freelancer from the dimension known as Hektanis, discovers a relic that enables him to jump between the six dimensions, he decides to use this to... get rich and form an interdimensional gang. Yeah, Cross is not a nice guy, but he's guaranteed to get a job done.

The game plays a lot like Fire Emblem, but with a grid made of hexagons instead of squares. This opens up a bit more mobility (and makes ranged units much less predictable in how they can attack). Much like Fire Emblem, Cross recruits several allies during his interdimensional traversal, and each ally has unique stats and traits to set them apart. However, the main gimmick of the game is interdimensional combat.

All six dimensions have their own rules, from the relatively normal world of Hektanis to the density-changing floating isles of Goverika. Therefore, players may switch Cross and his allies between dimensions at will to gain the advantage or simply move in one dimension to cover inaccessible ground in another. Unfortunately, some races cannot leave their own dimension, so some characters are stuck where they are.

Hexis was just a little side project of mine that I really liked. Hopefully it seems interesting!

Smash Trailer 4

With all this talk of RPGs, let's give today's trailer to a newcomer from one. Let's see the 4th Smash Showcase trailer, "Blast From The Past"!

The trailer begins with what starts off with what appears to be the same black room/Smash Ball combination, but is quickly revealed to be in 8-bit style instead of the normal HD style. Upon the Smash Ball breaking, the trailer changes to footage of Earthbound, specifically in Fourside, where Ness's group is entering the Monotoli Building in order to see what is apparently a Runaway Five concert. The concert continues normally at first, until an 8-bit version of one of Alpha's rifts opens up on stage, and Porky in his spider mech comes out, taunting Ness. Ness follows Porky into the portal.

On the other side of the portal, Ness takes on his Smash-styled 3D form, and Porky's spider mech has changed into the mech from Mother 3. Porky leaps up into the air, landing behind Lord Alpha, Mario, and what appears to be the corrupted version of Metal Face from the Xenoblade Saga trailer. Ness readies himself to fight, when a shout of "PK Beam" is heard and a yellow blast strikes Mario right in the face, knocking him back. Ness looks up to see a young boy dressed similarly to him levitating downward slowly using PSI, revealing a splash message- Ninten slips in!

Gameplay is then shown of Ninten's gameplay, as well as Ness and Lucas for a few frames. The trailer cuts to a game logo after revealing Ninten's Final Smash, 4th-D Slip. Post-logo, however, the four villains retreat into a portal, which Nss decides to enter as well. As Lucas and Ninten try to warn him, Ness leaps in and the portal closes.

Knight Watch Trailer 1

Yeah, Quantum's not the only trailer-worthy game in my possession.

I walked up to the apartment, clutching my briefcase. The boss had said that the things on his island were too valuable to let loose into the public, but why couldn't he have just hired a private military force? He owns the entire Knight Corporation, the most powerful company in the world. Now I have to go round up these freaks myself... I shook the thought out of my mind. I knew what Knight Corp. was making, and while it could be beneficial to all mankind, it would take more than an army to guard it. I worked up my courage and knocked on the door.

"Come in," said a genial voice with a slight British accent. "The door's unlocked."

I walked into the apartment. It was relatively modern, well-kept, and pretty normal- aside from the advanced tech everywhere. Granted, the apartment denizen was Dr. Albus Williams, one of the United Kingdom's most well-known and intelligent scientists. Albus himself had just finished putting a few slices of bread through a microwave zero-g toasting device of some sort, and was now spreading peanut butter on it.

"Would you care for a slice?" He passed the plate towards me.

"No thank you," I said, "I have an allergy to nuts."

"Sorry to hear that." He shoved a piece of toast down his throat without even chewing. "So, what can I assist you with? Lending help with an electricity issue? My plasma batteries aren't perfect yet..."

I put my briefcase on the table and began opening the latches. "I'm sorry to disturb you, Mr. Williams, but I'm here representing Knight Corp. I have a position my superiors would like you to fill in for us."

"Hmm... Well, it would be hard to leave my home country, but a scientist job at Knight Corp. might be worth it..."

"Actually, it's not a scientist position. It's a... security guard position. Kind of."

"And... why'd you go to me? I live down the hall from a bloody bodybuilder."

I opened up the briefcase, revealing documents of the secret underground bases built beneath Knight Island. "My boss has something that only someone of your caliber can guard. I've been hired to go around the globe, collecting people with... unique capabilities. And I'm not talking about your intellectual prowess."

He thought to himself for a moment. "You just want me because of my Nuclear Enhancement Armor. And you know that the only prototype can only be activated by my DNA signature."

I chuckled to myself. "Yes, exactly. Where is it?"

He pulled out what appeared to be a small metallic backpack with a nuclear reactor attached to it, as well as two guns on hoses strapped to the sides. "I always keep it under the table."

"Isn't that a bit unsafe? It's nuclear-powered."

"I don't tell you how to live your life." He strapped on the pack, pulling out the two guns and inserting them into his belt. Activating the NEA, he began slowly growing, becoming more muscular, and a metallic mask slid over his face, blocking out everything but his now green glowing eyes. I was astonished- but astonished enough to pull out a contract.

"Welcome to the Knight Watch, Mr. Williams."

Day 5: More New Games

Today is all about brand-new games. It was originally intended to be about crossover-type games, but I already covered 5 Nights With Captain Toad, so I'm going to start with the only other crossover I had.

Skyworld Warriors

(Not to be confused with BabyYoshi's game.)

I originally was planning on making a Hyrule Warriors 2, with the Toon Link timeline and retro games thrust into the spotlight. Then, the idea meandered over to a Mario/Dynasty Warriors crossover, but that idea didn't get very far. I eventually decided to mix up the Dynasty Warriors formula a bit more than Hyrule Warriors did, so Skyworld Warriors was born.

The story takes place sometime after Kid Icarus: Uprising. While Skyworld is at peace, and the Underworld Army has been completely cleared from the world, Viridi and the Forces of Nature still bear a grudge towards Pit and Palutena, especially thanks to Dark Pit working with them now. However, the campaign of slaughtering humans seems to have died down.

However, when a spell by Palutena goes haywire, she accidentally releases an interdimensional demon- the powerful Orcos. Orcos destroys Skyworld and captures Palutena, hoping to restore his power by absorbing hers. Unable to save her without his powers, Pit heads to the only deity he can, Viridi, and temporarily unites with the Forces of Nature to stop Orcos. Meanwhile, Orcos accidentally revives Hades and Medusa, who escape his control and plan on creating a Neo Underworld Army to destroy both Orcos and the Forces of Nature.

The main difference between Skyworld Warriors and past games is the Stance system. At will, players may switch between Warrior Stance (controls like normal Dynasty Warriors games) and Angelic Stance (controls like KI:U). Switching between stances is crucial for success in this game, and many encounters will have you switching constantly, trying to gain the upper hand.

Like Hyrule Warriors, Skyworld Warriors has a large repertoire of characters, the few I'm revealing here being Pit, Dark Pit, Viridi, Palutena, Hades, Medusa, and Phosphora. Additionally, each character has at least 4 weapons, adding to even more variety.

Hopefully this sounds fun!

Halls of Horror

Another horror game inspired by Five Night's At Freddy's. It still turns out to be completely different.

Halls of Horror possesses a unique 16v16v1 gameplay structure. One team of 16 plays as paranormal investigators, who are trying to navigate a massive maze in order to make it to the center. The other team of 16 plays as Hunters, formless, shadowy wisps of ghosts, desperately clinging on to what little life they have left. The goal of the Hunters is to defeat all of the investigators. There is an option for matchmaking that turns a fallen investigator into a Hunter, but this can be turned on and off as desired. Investigators and Hunters alike can customize their skills pre-match, from X-ray vision to grappling hooks and much more.

The final player is the Crypt Master, who resides in the room in the maze's center. This is where the FNaF-inspired part comes in, as the Crypt Master has access to cameras scattered across the labyrinth. Looking through these cameras lets them locate investigators, and pulling down the camera screen lets the Crypt Master access the trap screen, enabling the remote activation of traps that scare or kill investigators. However, while looking at the trap screen, they can't see where players are, and the camera disables use of traps, making juggling between screens a necessity. If an investigator make sit to the Crypt Master, they win.

Electroplankton: Symphony

Self-explanatory here. A sequel to Electroplankton.

Instead of adding more plankton types, the focus was on refining each existing type, making song creation much easier. For example, in the Luminarrow section, you can create loops that instantly take a selected plankton to the selected arrow, while the others ignore it, creating a perfect background beat. Likewise, the Volvoice plankton can record much more sound and has a more robust editor program. The only new plankton is the Synthopod plankton, which works almost identically to the famous Mario Paint Music program, but more streamlined.

There are now three modes: Performance Mode, where you freely create music, Audience Mode, where the game creates music on its own to relax or excite the listener, and the all-new Competition Mode, where players must create specific tunes with specified plankton types (usually classic Nintendo tunes). Additionally, players may save their songs now, or even upload them into a Nanoalbum and share it over the internet.

This was nothing more than a side project for fun. :)

Kirby's Dream Team

Honestly, I think I might be showing off a Kirby game every showcase from now on. This one's a bit unusual, however...

The game starts off... with an avatar creation menu. Yes, Kirby's Dream Team is an RPG, and the main character aside from Kirby is the avatar, whose default name is Base. Base's gender, species, elemental capabilities, weaponry, stats, and even colors can be freely customized in this menu. After selecting a version of Base that you are comfortable with, the adventure begins.

Gameplay in Dream Team is like a combination of Kirby: Triple Deluxe and Kingdom Hearts. Instead of being a turn-based RPG, it is more action-focused, thriving on accuracy, teamwork, and evasion over action commands or elemental weaknesses. In that sense, it's pretty much a normal Kirby game gameplay-wise, aside from the partners- excuse me, Helpers- and RPG-style menu on the Cryogon's touchscreen that lets you select strategies that your helpers will follow.

The story begins relatively simply for Kirby- he's fighting off Dedede for stealing a large amount of Dream Land's food supply. However, after Dark Matter is thrown into the equation for an unexplained reason, Kirby sets off to find what's going on- with Base running into him on the path to the first town.


This was a game inspired by Minecraft, but is nothing like Minecraft at all. While Minecraft focuses on making massive structures, ElectroLink takes things further and focuses on the redstone aspect of Minecraft.

Players step into the shoes of a Gell, a small, jellyfish-like creature capable of leaving trails of electricity-generating slime. Yes, I'm aware jellyfish use toxins, not electricity, but I have the excuse that these aren't jellyfish. Essentially, players get the equivalent of a super-flat world to create circuits out of this slime.

The game gets more complex when other items are added in. Pistons, hydraulics, explosives, AI devices... the list goes on and on. Combine this with circuitry skills, and almost anything is possible! Giant working mechs, trap-filled fortresses, automated obstacle courses, and much more. Additionally, for those who hate placing individual block after block in Minecraft, the Gells have a "quick slime" power that lets you select a length in front of you to instantly fill with slime.

Luckily the slimy adventures in ElectroLink get as varied as Minecraft is!

Smash Trailer 5

Well, time to end off Day 5 with the fifth Smash Trailer. And I'm thinking of something a bit unusual tonight... "The Hunt Begins"!

The trailer begins with the black room and Smash Ball once again. This time, the scenery cuts to an underground cavern where Samus is fighting Lord Alpha, seemingly on her own. It doesn't end well, as she loses and is eventually corrupted by Alpha much like Mario was. Alpha chuckles to himself, and then orders Samus to look around in the caverns for something known as "Melenium ore". As Samus obeys and heads deeper into the cavern, Alpha doesn't notices an arm cannon being primed behind his head, and is almost shot when Mario takes the blast for him. Alpha turns around and sees a humanoid being in slick silver armor, who reloads his arm cannon and reveals a splash message- Sylux begins the hunt!

Gameplay is shown of Sylux's moveset, specifically his Shock Coil move, but just as he starts winning against Alpha, he retreats deeper into the cavern, causing Sylux to follow. Meanwhile, Samus is using her arm cannon to blast away at a glowing crystal the same colors as the Smash Ball, when a small, bluish crack in the wall begins glowing and seeping liquid. An arm cannon erupts from the liquid and begins firing shots at Samus, who dodges out of the way. The liquid then transforms into a dark, eerie clone of Samus, revealing another splash message- Dark Samus primes for attack! Gameplay then transfers to Dark Samus's moveset, showing off its ability to transform into Metroid Prime. Eventually, the battle transitions to Sylux and Dark Samus vs. Alpha, Mario and Samus, and the newcomers win, leading up to a game logo.

Post-logo, the trailer shows the three villains retreating into one of Alpha's portals as the rest of Lady Omega's team shows up to investigate the scene of the fight. Captain Toad, always attentive to gems, notices that the escapees apparently had managed to steal a chunk of the ore, something that worried Omega greatly. She did, however, warm up to seeing the two new Smasher willing to join the fight against Alpha- even though she refused to shake hands with Dark Samus.

Knight Watch Trailer 2

Yep, this mysterious project gets another trailer....

After what Williams turned out to be capable of with the NEA, I assumed my superiors would have been pleased with the man's nuclear-powered strength and weaponry, and they'd assign him to guard the island. Tough luck for me, because apparently the nuclear powered gunman isn't enough to guard the stuff Knight Corp. has under its belt. So of course, I got sent out to find more super-powered mercenaries to join the Knight Watch. And a reporter job I had gave me just an idea. Unfortunately, that idea lived in Moscow.

I had bundled up as much as I could, but living on the tropical Knight Island for so long made me really sensitive to the cold. Heck, I was even kinda bony normally. I thought to myself as I took the bus to my destination, wondering how much my own NEA would help me out.

I eventually arrived in my location, a butcher shop with an apartment building above. I walked in, and the butcher behind the counter was chopping what appeared to be bear meat into thin slices, putting them in a paper bag labeled "ехать". Unfortunately, I didn't speak Russian.

"Здравствуйте. Что бы вы хотели?" The man was friendly, but that didn't help my lack of understanding.

"I-I'm looking for a woman n-named N-Natalia Argina. I-Is she upstairs?"

The man put his knife away and sealed the bag up. "Natalia is here, but she is not in apartment."

"Well, w-where is she?"

The man opened a large steel door behind him. "She is training in meat locker. Slabs of meat make good training dummies."

I was honestly dumbfounded. "Why on Earth do you have a meat locker HERE of all places?"

The man simply shrugged. "Is only cold to you, little man. My shop is heated. You being cold is your problem."

I simply glared at him and walked into the meat locker. It was honestly colder than I thought was physically possible. There were literally icicles forming on the meat slabs. HOW that butcher cut them was beyond me. However, hearing grunting noises, I walked to the back of the wasteland to find a middle-aged woman dressed in a trenchcoat and ushanka slicing a meat hunk to bits with a rapier. It sliced incredibly finely, almost as if the blade heated it up- but I knew it wasn't that.

She turned to face me, a cold glare in her eyes. "I know you. You were American newscaster from Xenobyl incident."

"How c-could I forget? It isn't every d-day I get t-to report an exp-p-perimental teleportation device g-go haywire. Or s-see someone survive full impact of the blast."

"True. I tell everyone I hid behind broken blast door."

"N-Now I k-know that's not true."

"How so?"

"I-It's highly improbable that anything survived the Xenobyl b-blast. Everything in a 2.5-mile radius was reduced to a fine powder. Even the working b-blast d-doors."

In an instant, her rapier vanished, as if it was made out of nothing but air- which also was a lie.

"Y-Your consciousness s-survived the blast, and you g-gained the power to manipulate t-the p-particles that once made up your body- and more."

As if to prove this, she summoned two floating pistols from the air and aimed them at me. "I am not freak. I am survivor. If you have issue, take it up with the guns."

I was terrified. That and the cold made it almost impossible to open the briefcase, but I somehow managed to pull out a contract. "I have no p-problems. In fact, I'd like t-to offer a position...."

Day 6: Even More New Games

More unique games today- starting with a weird author appeal game.

Flame Stars

Like most author appeal games, this is a fighting game- only in that you can fight against a friend. Flame Stars is actually a 1-on-1 competitive RPG, heavily inspired by, of all things, a YouTube Poop: See it here. Players select a team of three characters, each with a unique role and set of attacks. Additionally, each player gets a unique Team Attack based on the team selection.

I've barely started work on this one. I just wanted a slightly more unique author appeal game. But, like Knight Watch and Super Smash Bros. Quantum, I'll be doing trailers for it.

Minecraft: Plasma Core Update

Hopefully, out of all my game ideas, this Plasma Core dimension mod is the first to come true. Thank the internet for figuring out how to mod Minecraft.

The first, but least notable addition is the Icebox. In snowy biomes, an new type of ice will spawn underwater- Permafrost. Unlike regular ice, Permafrost can be collected if broken, which is crucial for the Icebox recipe. Combining stone and permafrost together creates the new device, which uses permafrost as fuel to cool down items. Through this, you can turn milk into edible ice cream, water into more permafrost, add a Chill aspect to weaponry, or even turn lava straight into obsidian without the infuriating normal procedure (even though lava is harder to freeze than any other item). While it may seem trivial, the Icebox is actually crucial to the rest of the mod.

The highlight of the mod/update is the new Plasma Core dimension. It's a rocky landscape, filled with floating spheres of stone that ooze plasma. Plasma acts a lot like lava, except for the green coloration and electric effects. Electricity is also more important in the Plasma Core- iron items will attract electricity given off by the plasma, redstone is always active, and redstone-powered devices will switch on and off randomly. There is only one new armor/weapon set- Plasma armor and weapons. And there isn't like a "Plasma Ore" block either. You need the liquid substance to create this armor. This is where the Icebox comes in- a bucket of plasma can create 100 shards of Supercooled Plasma if put in. These shards act like ingots that are used to create the armor and weaponry.

These aren't the only things that are craftable with Supercooled Plasma. Several unique blocks, like Plasma Glass, Electric Fences, and Waypoints can be made out of them. However, there are even more interesting items to be made with the plasma, such as the Lightning Receptor, which enables one to call down lightning (which can now turn sand into glass), or the Plasma Sphere, a throwable item that creates light around the blast zone for a short time.

Of course, the Plasma Core is filled with new mobs, the most prominent being the Electron. Electrons are small hovering orbs of energy that drop a single shard of Supercooled Plasma if beaten. However, the scariest thing about this dimension is the fact that, instead of normal Creepers, it has permanently charged Creepers. Be wary about security in this electrifying new world...

Clash of The Elements

Who here loves creating chaos in games like Grand Theft Auto? I'd imagine most of us.

Imagine a GTA game where causing chaos was the intention.

Players take on the form of Clash, an ancient being of energy capable of taking on the attributes of various elements. After a mining accident unleashes Clash into the world again, your goal becomes world destruction. And boy, will it be fun.

Clash starts off relatively small, but has a powerful ability to switch between elemental forms at will. These range from the Fire form, Wind form, Lightning form, Ice form, and many more. Gameplay boils down to switching between forms in order to cause as much chaos as possible while avoiding each form's weakness. For example, detonating a power plant with Clash's Atomic form will cause fire to spread through the surrounding area. Good. Not so good, however, if you plan on using the Ice form anywhere in that area, which may have been needed to cause more chaos in the region.

Eventually, as you gain Chaos Energy, you have one of two options- unlocking a new form, or increasing Clash's size. While unlocking new forms unlocks new ways to spread chaos and gain points, upping the size of your character will enhance all of the form's effects, making existing ways of garnering chaos energy more lucrative and causing more destruction. Size ranges from half-human size to, by the endgame, skyscraper size, but the bigger you are, the more attention you gain. The resulting fear may generate Chaos Energy on its own, but humanity will catch on to you and begin creating weaponry to fight Clash, focusing on the player's most commonly used form first and foremost.

That's the final new game for the Showcase! We ain't done yet, though!

Flame Stars Trailer 1

The first trailer for Flame Stars begins with the black room seen in all the Quantum Trailers so far. However, instead of the Smash Ball appearing, a small spark ignites, and an "FS" symbol is burned into the screen before glowing white and vanishing.

The trailer then cuts to a mysterious crystalline castle floating out in the middle of space. Inside the castle, two beings are seen fighting each other- one tall and wearing a fur collar, the other a hooded, floating mage with a single glowing eye. The two duel each other until a burst of energy breaks open the ceiling of the room the two are standing in, creating light that finally reveals the fighters' identities. The first splash message reveals the tall man as a white and blue robotic being- OVER-1 crosses over!- while the second reveals the identity of the mage- Wizzro darkens the battle! Wizzro flies up the newly created hole, and OVER-1 follows.

In the room above the hole, a tall, lanky man wielding what appears to be a tennis racket is hitting back shots of electric energy fired from a young boy wearing a robe. The man is nearly hit by a blast as the light reveals his identity- Waluigi serves a beatdown! Waluigi then summons a flaming tennis ball and swings it at the boy, who leaps over it, and the light reveals his identity as well- Morgan descends into combat! Morgan and Waluigi keep the volley of blasts going until OVER-1 interrupts them both trying to catch Wizzro.

Down the hall from this room, a small bell-like creature is seen fleeing from a massive serpent. It quickly dodges a strike from the serpent, which results in the wall breaking and the room with the other four characters being revealed. The four look at the small bell being, with a new splash message popping up- Dingle tunes up! However, the serpent, enraged at its prey being lost, emits a massive green shockwave than knocks the five over, revealing its identity- Zygarde breaks in! Zygarde then pairs up with Wizzro and Waluigi, with OVER-1, Dingle, and Morgan teaming up to oppose them. The trailer then cuts to gameplay showing off how the RPG system in Flame Stars works, culminating in Morgan, OVER-1, and Dingle finishing off the opposing team via Team Attack before the cut to the game's first logo.

Yeah, it was intended to sound Smash-y.

Knight Watch Trailer 3

I was honestly worried at this point how much guarding the stuff Knight Corp. had actually needed. We had Albus, a nuclear-powered heavyweight scientist, and Natalia, a teleporting soldier capable of forming weaponry out of the particles in the air around her. No normal person would dare come anywhere near these two. Apparently, they still weren't enough. The fact that something couldn't be guarded by a PRIVATE FRICKIN' ARMY or these two super-powered titans was honestly starting to get me curious as to what it was... Not that I could. Mr. Knight could have my head just for thinking about it.

Anyways, he wanted more of the supers. A lot more. The NEA was publicly known, and I had personally covered the Xenobyl incident before working at Knight Corp., but I had no idea of where to find any other abnormal beings. Now, I was following a rumor that led me to Giza, Egypt. Luckily, the climate was much more agreeable than Russia.

I arrived at a little house apparently owned by someone named Cleo Shenouda. Well, if the rumors were true, then the Cleo who lived in the house had superpowers- truly extraordinary ones. I walked in, and there was a relatively young Egyptian girl reading what appeared to be a copy of the Quran. I'd honestly never seen one of my clients participating in a religion before, so I found this fascinating. I stepped in and said hello.

"من أنت؟ ما الذي تفعله هنا؟" Perfect. Arabic. Now I had to hope she knew English.

"Er- no hablo Arabic?" I was internally facepalming myself.

"Oh, you're American?"

"How'd you guess?"

"General cluelessness. That, and I just noticed you were wearing shorts and an undershirt. Luckily I have a degree in English." Well, there went the communication barrier. Now to convince her to join the Knight Watch...

I sat down next to her. The couch was relatively uncomfortable, but I managed to set seated. "Now then, Ms. Cleo. I've been hearing rumors that you have a... special talent."

She immediately felt more hostile towards me. "Are you working for some government agency? Do you plan to take me somewhere and study me?"

"No. I'm not going to do anything if the rumors aren't true. And if they're as fantastic as I've heard, you should have nothing to worry about..."

"They're true."

"Um... Mind saying that again?"

"Close the blinds and I'll show you." I did so, worried she would hurt me if I didn't. She didn't seem that strong, but I bruised really easily.

Cleo began concentrating, and soon enough, an orb of light appeared in her hand. I was amazing as it was, but he astonished me even more- she used the orb as a laser and incinerated a lamp to her side. Manipulation of solar energy- a truly valuable power. She could very well be the most powerful member of the Knight Watch...

"Well, now what are you going to do? Take me away like they did with my parents?"

I put my hand on her shoulder. "Ms. Cleo, we want just the opposite. How'd you like a very... special position with us?"


I'm pulling a Pokémon on this game. There are multiple versions! And you thought I was only doing one Smash for now! QuantumLogo SSB Infinite SSBChronos Logo

Quantum is coming out for the Pyrohedron, Infinite is coming out from the Wii U, and Chronos is coming out for the Cryogon. Just wanted to let this information loose before the final showcase day...

The SSB Quantum/Infinite/Chronos 50-Fact Extravaganza!!!

Day 7: The SSB Quantum/Infinite/Chronos 50-Fact Extravaganza!!!

Yes, it's time to kick off the highlight of the Showcase! Let's not waste any time!

1: Characters

Each version has the exact same number of characters: 98, plus three extras. However, while the character count never changes, the roster does! Each version has certain characters that are completely unique to it, while making some cuts from the other rosters. While the exact rosters are unfinished at this point, I'll post them on the pages for each version when I am done with them.

2: De-cloning

The primary focus of these games was to make every fighter unique, so while clone characters remain, their movesets have been completely revamped! With the removal of clones, there are now even more ways to battle than before! Unless you're Falco. I didn't care enough to declone him.

3: Customization

Custom moves return from SSB4, and work much the same way. However, each fighter now has 4 variations on a move instead of three. This means there are 256 possible special combinations for a single fighter alone- 175 more than SSB4! Additionally, while custom equipment is unlocked through various modes, all custom moves are unlocked from the start!

4: Hyper Custom Moves

There's a fifth variant for each special move in the game- a Hyper Custom Move. Sounds like an absurdly broken variant that must be unlocked, right? Well, no- it's a custom move you design. Creating a Hyper Custom Move lets you take the normal variant as a base and edit various aspects of the move- elemental power, damage, range, knockback, etc. To keep this from being broken, aspects will lower as you raise others. You can even reduce the main aspects further to add special powers- lowering enemy stats, shattering shields instantly, superarmor, and more! With Hyper Custom Moves, there are now 625 possible move combinations for a single character!

5: Equipment Shop

The Equipment Shop lets you purchase custom equipment- the better it is, the more expensive it will be. However, the Equipment Shop also has an option to fuse custom equipment! Here's how the process works:

  1. Take two pieces of equipment you want to fuse (ex. A Brawn Badge w/ 20+ Attack and 15- Defense, and an Aerial Boost Protection Badge w/ 20+ Defense and 15- Speed, and a special upgrade, Improved Air Speed.)
  2. Fuse the two together. The game adds the positive stats and negative stats together, and creates an equipment piece based on what the other two weren't. (The resulting fusion is an Aerial Boost Speed Badge with 40+ Speed, 30- Attack, and Improved Air Speed.)
  3. If the fusion result is less than what you'd hoped for, there is an option to strip the fusion down to its bare components. However, while the stats will not decrease, they may not have the same balance as before. (ex. The Brawn Badge now has 18+ Attack and 12- Defense, while the ABPD now has 22+ Defense, 18- Speed, and Improved Air Speed.)

6: Stages

Like the character roster, the stage selection varies between games. Like SSB4, the stage focus varies between versions. SSB Infinite focuses on stages based on console games, SSB Chronos focuses on stages based on handheld games, and SSB Quantum has a little of each. However, there's one thing that Quantum has that the Cryogon, or even the Wii U, could barely handle... and it's called...

7: 10-Player Smash

Normal stages in Super Smash Bros. Quantum offer a maximum of 6 players on every stage. However, certain stages, like the Thunder Cloud Temple, Tower of The Gods, or the newly revealed World Bowser stage, are massive enough to hold up to at least 10 players at once! Additionally, 10P Smash can now be played online! Granted, even with a really good internet connection, this might lag a bit. There is another new feature that does not appear on 10-player stages...

8: Stage Interactivity

Normal stages all have some form of interactive element to them. Whether this is using Energy Spheres on the Lor Starcutter to power up a laser assault, or warping across the stage from platform to platform on the new Eryth Sea stage, every stage has a unique interactive element. These elements are triggered by pressing the guard button on top of an interactive object (which is marked by an arrow pointing to it similarly to an item). These aren't just limited to Quantum, either, as all 3 version share interactive elements.

9: Boss Trophies

Stage bosses have been removed in SSB Quantum and Infinite.

(crowd boos)

Instead, we have a different way to get bosses into the battlefield- Boss Trophies! These appear as red Assist Trophies with a glowing eye inside. When triggered by a player, the timer stops (if there was a timer) and the boss warps into the arena. These range from former stage bosses like Metal Face and Ridley to newcomers like Yami, the Gah-Goojin, or Dr. Lobe. SSB Chronos, however, still has set bosses for certain stages, which can now be turned on and off as desired.

10: Items

The item selection has been greatly expanded on for the triplet games. The vast majority of items from past games return (excluding the Killer Eye, Cloaking Device, and Parasol items), and are joined by several new, unique ones. Hypernova Beans add a vacuum effect to smash attacks, Quick Step Gems temporarily double a player's walking and dashing speed, and Vengeance Slips auto-counter any attacker with flinchless damage. However, one new item trumps them all...

11: Anomalies

These teleporting rifts go by different names in each version- Quantum Anomalies in Quantum, Temporal Anomalies in Chronos, and Astral Anomalies in Infinite. However, no matter what the name, they all have the same effect. Interacting with one of these rifts in spacetime grant a character their Anomaly Strike. These are like Final Smashes, but are stat increases instead of super-powerful attacks. Characters like Wario or Bowser who had stat boosts for Final Smashes now get new ones, and have the old ones as Anomaly Strikes.

12: Quantum Hex

The first minigame mode we're showcasing today, this mode is unique to SSB Quantum. Players select a character and place them on a large board made of hexagonal pieces, divided by colorful lines. Players roll dice to move their characters between spaces. Passing over a line grants a stat boost similar to Smash Run, with the boosted stat being determined by the line's color, and the amount it boosts being determined by how fast the line is blinking. Landing on a space shows an opponent and a stage, and at the end of the turn, players must fight the opponents on that space. There are two variants on Quantum Hex.

13: Master Hex

The first Quantum Hex variant is run by Master Hand himself! In Master Hex, players simply go around the board, challenging the opponents shown on various pieces. Master Hex is a trial of endurance, with the player who lives the longest winning. However, there is a big way to throw an opponent off guard- capturing. When you beat a space on the board, you capture it. If an opponent lands on a space captured by you, they will have a much more difficult battle ahead of them. Pieces can be captured multiple times, leading to insanely hard battles late in the game.

14: Crazy Hex

The other Quantum Hex variant is run by Master Hand's derpy brother, Crazy Hand. The rules in Crazy Hex are a bit different than in Master Hex. Instead of trying to see who the last remaining fighter is, players fight to see who can capture the majority of the board. Now, a captured piece is permanently captured, and cannot be taken from you by any means. This also means, however, that the difficulty will only increase once. The player with the most captured spaces when all of them are captured wins!

15: Special Orders

Special Orders returns from SSB4 for Wii U. Ironically, it's still exclusive to Wii U, as it only appears in SSB Infinite. There are still the two main types, Master Orders and Crazy Orders. However, in Infinite, there are two new variations, Omega Orders and Alpha Orders!

16: Omega Orders

Run by Lady Omega herself, this Special Orders mode is risky but forgiving. Before you can select a ticket to play a match, you must put rewards on a Smash Ball-styled table between you and Omega. The rewards can be money, equipment, or even trophies and CDs! No matter what you put on the table, Lady Omega will put in items that add up to the exact value of what you put in. After the deposit, you can select a battle, which have their difficulty increase depending on the value of the table. Winning a battle gets you everything on the table- losing gives it all to Omega. Luckily, subsequent bets will cause Omega to bet with your items instead of getting rid of them forever.

17: Alpha Orders

If Crazy Orders was risky, and Omega Orders could conceivably ruin someone if they bet the wrong things, Alpha Orders is the Special Orders mode for masochists. It's a lot like Master Orders- you pay for a battle, and get a reward if you win. Heck, in Alpha Orders, you even get the money you paid to battle back if you win. What makes it so challenging? The fact that every battle is a 1v1 battle on Final Destination. With no items. And CPU on level 10, a first for Smash. Battles in Alpha Orders are some of the most intense challenges in Smash history. And Alpha Orders is much more expensive than Master, Crazy or Omega Orders. Luckily, the rewards are truly amazing, and winning even a single battle could get you enough cash to never worry about it again.

18: Blast Duel

Exclusive to Chronos is the bomb dueling mode known as Blast Duel! Inspired by Target Blast from SSB4, Blast Duel has each of the two participating players construct a base in one minute, adding defensive blocks as well as bomb spawn points. When the bell sound, each player goes to work, navigating around their base and using smash attacks to launch bombs at the opponent's base. There are several power-ups that change the effects of the bomb, turning it to an ice bomb that freezes blocks, making them break on contact, a bomb flower that bounces around until its timer goes off, or even a subspace bomb that sucks blocks in. Additionally, events may occur at any time, such as wind blowing to the left or right, a massive reactor spawning between the two bases, or even base swapping. The first player to destroy the core inside the opponent's base wins!

19: Smash Party

This minigame is found in all versions of the game, and is a drastically improved version of Smash Tour. Each player selects a character and rolls individually, turns end in a group battle for a prize, and players can spend a character to trigger an event that can hurt the opponent. Not that creative, but much more polished that the original Smash Tour.

20: Smash Run

Returning from its debut in SSB4 for 3DS, Smash Run is drastically upgraded for this iteration. Ten players may face each other at once online, there are options to set permanent handicaps or boosts to players, and the labyrinth is ten times the original size! Additionally, bosses that normally spawn from Boss Trophies can freely appear, and beating them will net you a truly massive amount of stat boosts. Another new feature is the enemy weakness system. All enemies are weak and resistant to the same attacks from their home games- for example, a Mechon enemy takes minimal damage from melee damage. Either you can topple it with a smash attack, or use energy-based attacks (ether weakness) to deal normal damage.

21: Music

Like Smash has done so often in the past, these three games will offer an astonishing variety of music. Infinite focuses on music from console games, Chronos focuses on handheld music, and Quantum will deliver a variety of both. Additionally, you can set any track in the game to play on the menu. Not that worth mentioning, but it's a thing.

22: Nano Symphony

The Electroplankton have brought the Nano Symphony to Smash! The Nano Symphony program is similar to the Synthopod plankton from Electroplankton: Symphony, and therefore, Mario Paint's music program. The Nano Symphony enables players to create their very own custom music, and while it can't play on an existing stage, you can set it to play on the menu or in a custom stage!

23: Stage Creation

Stage creation returns from past Smash games! While Chronos utilizes the stage creator from Brawl, Infinite and Quantum utilize the Stage Builder from SSB4 for Wii U. Additionally, your new custom stages can be set to play custom music from the Nano Symphony, and can be shared online as well Have fun creating the perfect stage!

24: The Infi Fighter

There is a unique customizable character exclusive to SSB Infinite- The Infi Fighter! The Infi Fighter is a shadowy figure that takes on a humanoid form- the gender and other aspects can be fully customized while creating it. What's unique about the Infi Fighter is that it has no specials at all- instead, you take specials from other characters to create the perfect mix-and-match fighter! The possibilities are endless, even without being able to use Hyper Custom Moves!

25: Multi-Man Smash

Once again, Multi-Man Smash appears as a side game. This time, the opponents are the Fighting Smashsect Team, a group of insects that take on the characteristics of various fighters. The varieties of Smashsect include:

  • Red Smashsect- A ladybug-inspired Smashsect with a bulky body. Utilizes moves based on those of Captain Falcon.
  • Orange Smashsect- A butterfly-inspired Smashsect wielding a stinger-like sword. Utilizes moves based on those of Meta Knight.
  • Yellow Smashsect- A wasp-inspired Smashsect with a feminine body. Utilizes moves based on those of Zelda.
  • Green Smashsect- A fly-inspired Smashsect with massive goggle-like eyes. Utilizes moves based on those of Ninten.
  • Blue Smashsect- A stag beetle-inspired Smashsect with a hunched, monstrous body. Utilizes moves based on those of Bowser.
  • Purple Smashsect- A moth-inspired Smashsect with a bow-like construct on its arm. Utilizes moves based on those of Pit.

Unlike the original counterparts, Smashsects cannot utilize special moves, and are incredibly wimpy opponents- unless you're playing on Cruel Smash, in which they can be ruthless. Smashsects are also important to one of the story modes- but more on that in a bit.

26: Story Modes

Like Brawl, the games have a story mode. However, as I had too many ideas to fit into a single unified story, each version has its own story mode! Quantum's story mode is known as "Beginning of the End", Infinite's story mode is known as "The Negative Core", and Chronos's story mode is known as "The Queen's Ambition". Let's take a brief summary of these, shall we?

27: Beginning of the End

Quantum's story mode involves the characters that have been showing up in all the quantum trailers in this showcase- Lord Alpha and Lady Omega.

Who were, in fact, based off of the theory about Master Hand being a child playing with his toys.

Alpha is a manifestation of the child's father, who deems it is time for his son to grow up, and as such is taking away his toys, the Smashers, one by one. In universe, this is shown by Alpha attempting to brainwash the Smashers, believing control over the Smashverse is the only way to bring an end to all the chaos and fighting. Omega, on the other hand, is the child's mother, who believes that her son's imagination is too precious a gift to squander, and she is secretly slipping the boy new toys. In universe, this is shown as Omega finding as many new Smashers as she can- Omega has captured all the veteran fighters. This is compounded by Alpha's final battle- your character, a level 5 Lady Omega, and Master Hand himself facing against a level 10 Lord Alpha.

The majority of the enemies in Beginning of the End are part of Alpha's Forces, completely unique enemies. Occasionally, enemies from Smash Run may appear.

28: The Queen's Ambition

Unlike Beginning of the End, the story mode of SSB Chronos actually focuses on existing Nintendo characters- specifically Queen Sectonia. When her trophy is accidentally brought into the Smashverse, she begins taking over, transforming a few of the fighters into her Smashsect minions and allying with some of the most despicable villains in all of Nintendo history. It's up to a brave team of Smashers, led by Kirby, to stop the queen and save the Smashverse.

Most of the enemies in The Queen's ambition come from existing Nintendo series, but some enemies from Alpha's Forces and the Subspace Army may appear as well.

29: The Negative Core

The story mode for SSB Infinite focuses on the story behind Master Core, and what exactly it is. After the cloud of black particles interrupts a match between Mario and Link, the Smashers are scattered as the encroaching force threatens to envelop the entire Smashverse. Along the way, it is discovered that Master Core seems to have control over the Subspace Army, further raising questions as to what it is...

Almost all the enemies from The Negative Core are from the Subspace Army, but some enemies from Alpha's Forces may show up from time to time.

30: Trophy Corner

Everyone loves trophies. And I love earning them. Whereas as Chronos gets Trophy Rush from SSB4, and Infinite gets Coin Launcher from Brawl, Quantum gets a new mode called the Trophy Corner.

Trophy Corner takes place on a metallic platform similar to Final Destination, but with a slot machine built into the bottom. Enemies will constantly spawn to fight you as the wheels on the slot machine spin. Defeating enemies gives you money, which is used to keep spinning the wheels. Using the taunts spends a single coin to stop a wheel- side stops the left wheel, up stops the middle wheel, and down stops the right wheel. If the wheels land on coins or custom equipment, you get it, but if it lands on a series symbol, you get a random trophy of that series. If all three wheels land on the same thing, you get lots of cash/really good equipment/a rare trophy and enter Fever Mode. In Fever Mode, you have unlimited money, and coins and trophies rain down from the sky. If you like slot machines, the Trophy Corner is your game!

31: Trophies

Trophies are back again, and the selection is even more massive than before. From Andross to Zygarde and everything in between, they're all here in some form! Once again, Infinite focuses on console games, Chronos focuses on handheld games, and Quantum has a bit of everything.

32: Final Smash Trophies

These rare trophies are the ultimate symbol of craftsmanship- at least for these games. Only unlocked after beating Classic Mode with a certain character, Final Smash trophies show awe-inspiring scenes of power that can't usually be matched in a single trophy. In fact, they may only be matched by...

33: Anomaly Trophies

Trophies of a character's Anomaly Strike. Like the Final Smash Trophies, they are truly awe-inspiring, showcasing how glorious a character can be under the effects of one. Anomaly Trophies can only be unlocked after taking a character through All-Star Mode, which is the same as in SSB4 for 3DS.

34: The Meta-Knights

  • Captain Vul: "What? A plumber?"
  • Axe Knight: "Don't underestimate him, captain. That's Mario right there."
  • Sailor Dee: "Mario?"
  • Mace Knight: "Oh, don't tell me you don't know who Mario is..."

Yes, now Meta Knight has gained a Smash Taunt! The Meta-Knights, the crew of the Halberd, will commentate on fighters that challenge Meta Knight. This Smash Taunt occurs on the newly revealed Milky Way Wishes stage, when Meta Knight performs his down taunt.

  • Trident Knight: "The other fighters call him Riki. Species: Nopon. Age: Approximately 40. Relations: Wife, Oka, and 14 children."
  • Axe Knight: "That weapon of his doesn't look too painful, sir, but Riki has ether manipulation powers as well."

Some conversations may even have other characters show up to chat as well!

  • Captain Vul: "Hah! What a lousy excuse for an angel! He can't even fly!"
  • Palutena: "Well, you're one to talk, Vul. You're a bird who can't fly."
  • Axe Knight: "Is that true, sir?"
  • Captain Vul: "Er... Pay attention to the fight, you sorry excuse for a Viking!"

35: Milky Way Wishes

What's so special about this stage, aside from it being the location of Meta Knight's Smash Taunt? The answer is simple: Copy Essences Deluxe.

The stage itself is a transitioning stage, warping between the various planets found in Milky Way Wishes. They each have a different layout, but are all hazardless. However, each stage has a Copy Essence Deluxe hidden somewhere, in an unlisted interaction element. Finding and interacting with it can spawn in a Helper depending on what the ability listed was. The Helper will follow you and help to attack enemies, being a valiant fighter until death.

36: Slipspace

From the depths of unused Brawl data comes the online battle royale, Slipspace! There are several servers for Slipspace, one for each region is which the game was released. Slipspace starts out normal enough- you spectate a 10-person battle on Final Destination with no items and random characters. Seems fine- until a character is KOd, at which point a random spectator is forced into the battle with a random character. The never-ending battle that is Slipspace is hopefully a hit with players. Slipspace is also exclusive to Chronos.

37: Titanic Smash

A mode exclusive to Quantum and Infinite. This is a 1v1 mode where each player has a Boss Trophy spawn in front of them at the beginning of the match. The boss that they summon cannot hurt them, and it's essentially player and boss vs. player and boss to see which boss is defeated first.

38: Hypersmash

Have you ever gotten 1000 in a stat while playing Smash Run? It's truly an exhilarating experience, especially when the stat is Jump or Speed. Well, now everyone can experience that feeling with a unique option for Special Smash- Hypersmash! By turning this option on, you crack up the stats of every fighter to over 11- heck, one might say the stats are over 9000! The result is an incredibly chaotic match with people flying around at maximum speed, letting loose insanely powerful attacks and OHKOing people with a Mr. Saturn. (And please start praying if someone manages to pick up a Quick Step Gem in Hypersmash.)

39: Many Ways to Battle

Like SSB4, there are many ways to play Quantum. These include the Gamecube controller, the Wii U Gamepad, the Wii U Pro Controller, the Wii remote (with or without Nunchuk), the Pyrohedron controller, the Cryogon, the Nintendo 3DS, and the newly revealed Pyro Advanced Fighting Pad, a combination of the Pyrohedron and Gamecube controllers designed for both casual and competitive use. Of course, Chronos can only utilize the Cryogon, and Infinite can only used controllers supported by SSB4 for Wii U.

40: 3D Battles

A new type of battle has appeared- 3D battles! These are based off of the Jungle Hijinx stage from SSB4 for Wii U, and each have multiple planes in the foreground and background. Each version of the game has three unique 3D battlegrounds:

  • Quantum: Jungle Hijinx, Virtual Clash, and Super Paper Mario.
  • Chronos: Royal Road, Picross, and Gaur Plain 2.
  • Infinite: Arbiter's Grounds, Submerged Castle, and Sector X.

Additionally, all versions share a unique stage, known as the Third Dimension Stage.

41: Trophy Editor

The Trophy Editor mode from SSB4 returns. This mode lets players take their trophies and arrange them into little scenes in any way they desire. These can range from funny to absolutely epic. The only limit is one's imagination.

42: Level System

There is a new feature that links all three games: a levelling system. By creating a customized character and sharing it between each version of the game, you can have the character level up after completing a certain number of battles. This isn't amiibo, and you have to play as the custom character yourself. So, what's in it for you to level up your characters?

43: Smash Skills

A fully Xenoblade-inspired mechanic, Smash Skills are lines of skills that custom characters learn as they level up. Each character has their own unique set of three skill sets, each with 5 skills. You can set a character on one skill set at a time, but they can use any three skills that are unlocked. And not just the ones they themselves have learned...

44: Skill Fusion

Custom characters, like in Xenoblade, can share learned skills between each other. For example, a customized Link can equip a skill from Mario known as "Plumber's Footing", which reduces the chance of tripping. Use skills and skill fusion to create the ultimate custom character!

45: Out Of This Dimension

A Star Fox-inspired mode where nothing is what it seems. Character stats and movesets will change randomly, the stage layout alters constantly, and even the game's physics changes on its own. This mode is only for players who are good at adaptation or were drunk already.

46: Quantum x Supreme DLC

As a crossover with SupremeKibitoKai's Smash games, I've decided to release limited DLC. Each version of the game has the same 7 characters, which can be seen in the DLC section of the character listing. They should be just as fun as the rest of the cast!

47: Doshin the Giant

You thought Ridley was going to be a fighter? Too bad. Have a character that can be conceivably larger than Ridley.

Doshin the Giant, from his eponymous game, is an interesting character- a heavyweight that grows over time. This is accomplished through the Solar Meter, which is located over his HUD. As Doshin fights, the Solar Meter fills, and when it fills completely, he gets bigger. This meter will not reset, even if Doshin dies. Through this, Doshin can go from Dedede-sized to Giga Bowser-sized within a single match! And yes, he's bigger than Ridley.

48: Event Mode

Not much noting here, but Event Mode is back. This pits certain characters in fixed matches, often with crazy twists and stat changes thrown in randomly. However, Event Mode leads into fact number 49...

49: The Ultimate Showdown

3 stocks. Any character. Final Destination. No items. Face against Lord Alpha, Giga Bowser, Queen Sectonia, Master Hand, Lady Omega, and Ganondorf all at once- on level 10 difficulty. This is as hard as combat will get in Smash. Welcome to the final event- The Ultimate Showdown. If you manage to win this, your reward is a platinum crown on your HUD at all times, even online, letting layers around the world know you beat the best the game had to offer.

50: Smash Trailer 6

The final Smash Trailer of the Showcase. Let's see what "Infinite Time" has to offer.

The trailer begins with the black room and Smash Ball like normal. However, the original four characters (Mario, Link, Kirby, and Mega Man) appear once again, trying to break the Smash Ball. Once they reach it, they are blasted aside by four unseen characters, who all hit the Smash Ball at once, creating a Quantum logo that sparks and creates logos for Chronos and Infinite.

First off, the game shows a match on the Cryogon, revealing the Battlefield design for Chronos. The match goes well until a blast of sonic energy knocks the majority of the fighters off-stage, revealing one of the four characters- Antasma frightens the competition! Suddenly, Antasma is bombarded by crystalline shots by a fairy-like fighter high in the sky- Ribbon spreads her wings! Gameplay is shown of Antasma and Ribbon fighting until Mario KOs the both of them.

Mario the jumps in the air and undergoes a graphical transition, similar to that of the initial SSB4 trailer. He then lands in Battlefield with its Infinite design, where he is attacked by a slender woman in blue- Fi calculates her victory! Mario fends off a couple of attacks from Fi, and then manages to land a couple of good strikes on her. However, a rocket-powered punch from an offscreen opponent launches Mario into the air, revealing the fourth character- Golurk awakens! Gameplay is then shown of both Fi and Golurk fighting. After a short montage involving every previously revealed fighter, the trailer eventually leads to the trio of logos once again.

However, after the logo, another short scene is revealed of Alpha and Omega facing each other in combat again. This time, the two seem perfectly matched, and appear to have entered a stalemate. However, just as Alpha is about to cheat by summoning one of his rifts, a massive green glow appears between the two of them, creating a shockwave that blasts them both back. A green triangle forms at the shockwave's origin as an eerie, high-pitched laugh echoes through the battlefield, and the screen goes dark....

Knight Watch

Time to finally announce what this project was that I was making all these trailers for.

First off, I should mention that Pyro Enterprizes is no longer working on Team Fortress 3. Knight Watch will be replacing it, and I personally think it's a lot more unique.

Knight Watch follows the titular team of 15 super-powered individuals (each being its own class) working for the powerful Knight Corporation, protecting valuable research and artifacts that nobody ever bothered to tell them about. Essentially, it's TF2, but thanks to the addition of superpowers, everything gets more chaotic and fun. Why bother shooting people with a minigun if you can incinerate them with a solar laser?

The primary mode is Protection, where teams of six attempt to defend various points on various maps from thieves and other enemies who try to get in. Be warned- while it may seem like Mann vs. Machine at first, there are tons of unique enemies that can enter the battle, and bosses will also show up from time to time. The other main mode is Domination, which is a 6v6 battle similar to most team-based shooters. However, with powers going off everywhere, it's sure to be an even more wild and varied experience.

Well, that's it for the Showcase! Please comment and tell me how I did!