Welcome to the Fritez Franchise presenation!


Day 1

Well I was going to do somthing called the twelve days of smash where i reavel somthing for Super Smash Bros. Blitz once every day for twelve days. But i kinda forgot two days and so i guess were doing ten days of smash .~.


Mawile "insert somthing clever"

On the first day of smash Master Hand gave to me, a Mawile craving to chomp me

yes that was an unclever last minute catchphrase so enjoy i guess.

Anyways Mawile is meant to be an oddball character with a strange mechanic, it's jaw. The only thing i can say now is expect alot of oddballs to be announced in this. Back to the thing that wants to decive me and then rip my flesh apart, Mawile's entire moveset looks like cute slaps and kicks, unless your behind its jaw. You see Mawile's jaw snaps everytime it attacks, but always stays behind it, this is unfortunate because the jaw does alot more damage then Mawile itself. But if you master timing, precision and control you can turn around to deliver some nasty hits with Mawile. But if you arent able to make any connections with its jaw, then Mawile is a weak Pokemon with bad recovery skills and mediocre speed.

It's final smash is obviously Mega Mawile, and when used Mawile is seemingly unchanged besides the fact that touching its jaws results in an instant KO, making it absolutely key to try and get yourself into the right position. It also makes Mawile immune to flinching making it eaiser to get its jaw on opponents.

Day 2

Anyways heres the overall story in Super Smash Bros. Blitz Suddenly, a smash ball appears which gets the attention of Mario, Link Samus and Kirby. As they pursuit after it and fight eachother along the way, each character ends up hitting it but Mario is the one to smash it. Instead of granting him a final smash however, the smash ball turns into a mysterious man with a smash ball for an eye. The man zaps Mario with red lightning transforming him into a card and then creating a strange void. Link, Samus and Kirby go after him as he grabs Mario and takes him in, however before Kirby can get in the portal closes and he falls into a cliffside chasm.

In this universe, the characters have had no adventures or universes to reside in. Instead they were created as fighters with personalities. The only goal in mind of these fighters is to fight and win in one universe where all characters are grouped together.

Day 5

Pokemon Aether and Nether

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9


Day 10

Gravity Shooter