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Day 1

hello everyone! as you know I have 3 games in the works but that isn't all were showing!

although we passed the tesseract-8's aniversary last month where we released the special beta shell for collectors and hipsters, that doesn't mean the party is stopping, today marks not only the beginning of the holiday showcase,but the beta of undernet's birthday! To celerbrate,were released a unique skin based off of a mish-mash of the cut beta designs for the undernet menu Along with this,all the beta-testers with a still active undernet account will get a unique title,theme colour for the beta skin and are given the ability to test out new features months before open betas or public releases! Along with all this were announcing the new undernet logo...


like it? don't like it? tell us what you think!

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Day 2

So lets talk Payday 2,guys. Were released a new DLC in collaboration with OVERKILL were happy to announce...


gentlemen,its time to pull off the biggest heist in your careers

were gonna get the elephant into the oval office

  • the first ever SIX day heist
  • ONLY available in overkill and deathwish
  • get the exclusive 145 Masks if you manage to get away with your spoils

In other News...

Font preview character map

Day 3

hey guys! kinda a slow day today but trust me the next few days are gonna be big! so hopefully you can forgive a small lull in the announcements,instead were gonna talk more about the new payday 2 DLC

first off,the 145 masks,returning from payday 1...

Payday the heist 145 wp the crew heat ds 2 by meloniii-d5d66al
thats right! you get them if you finish the hangman frame you get the golden mask of your character(hoxton gets a golden houston/hoxton mask and john wick gets a random gold mask)

also included are 4 new weapons,each with unique properties...

The Small Package

a chargable shotgun that delivers recoil to you and death to everyone else

The Draw

a 13-round barrel revolver that fires as fast as you can pull the trigger

Dual Judge Shotguns

if you somehow manage to hit something,it will probably explode

Silent Fox

an SMG that doubles as a sniper rifle. Neat.

Day 4


Day 5

10 robots...

4 teams...

one supply of infinite moon energy...

welcome to Rust2Rust.


Day 6

in a universe far away from ours in terms of distance and logic,a band of dreamites must stop reality from being completely destroyed

fight for reality in project:dream

PD Logo

I'm sorry Tommy it sucks don't murder me ;~;

Day 7

number 3... are you ready?

for payday 3?