Welcome to the DreamStar Corporation presenation!


Hello and welcome to DreamStar's Fantendo Holiday Showcase 2014 presentation! My name is StarYoshi (tbc) and I'll show some big announcements our company want to reveal!


Several months ago we announced Dreamtalk for our console, the Dreamstation. Dreamtalk a social application with featues like chatting and video calls. The app was confirmed, but never released. Today we want to release the beta version, which is downloadable for free in the StarShop now.


Today some bad news about the new Zelda game. The game was too long in the Early-Alpha-Development-Phase, so we decided to cancel it.

Today we want to make some announcements for Paper Mario: Legend of the Star Gate. For a long time we doesn't worked at the game, but now we want to go further. First, the game gets a new logo. Here it is: PaperMarioLegendOTStarGateLogo
To complain, here the old logo:
For more information, stay tuned at DreamStar news!

Presentation over

Presentation over

Presentation over