Welcome to the Cassiopeia Studios presenation!


Day 1

Animal Crossing: Out And About

A hologram of Isabelle appears in a dark wooden room, with a spotlight on her. There, a speech bubble appears:

"Welcome one and all to Cassiopeia Studios' grand presentation held in this marvelous showcase, the Fantend Holiday Showcase!"

Then a recorded applause plays and confetti rains on her.

"I am here to represent Cassiopeia Studios and I also have the honor to talk about their new game with Nintendo, Animal Crossing: Out And About!"

Another applause plays.

"And without further ado, I present to you... Animal Crossing: Out And About!"

The trailer starts with a villager and Rover, exiting a subway train. They were talking as they walk away from the train, and to their surprise, a group of malignant rodents with sharp claws attack them. Rover, with a stern face, throws the villager his suitcase. Opening it, the villager grabs a shovel and hits one of the rodents, he then swings it, passing the camera. Then a series of gameplay clips play: Like the player decorating his house with custom furniture, a player buying from a Nookling Expansion, a player hitting a dummy with her net, and a player and Daisy attacking a large woodlike creature. Then Bluebear, Stitches, and Rosie appears to help them. Then they all fight together, then the camera pans to the villager hitting a rodent, then the villager turns to the camera and hits it, ending the trailer.

Then Isabelle reappears,

"How did you like the trailer? Good? Awesome? Was it better than the other companies? Great!"

Isabelle dances with joy and laughter then suddenly cries,

"If you ask why I'm crying, it's because I don't have anymore time left to present!" She cries, "But don't worry, I'll be back again tomorrow! Until then, goodbye!" She waves and the hologram disappears.

Day 2

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