Day One

Transcript of Found Document #1223

Dearest Victoria,

Where did we go wrong? Not meaning you and I, my love; "us" as in our world. We've fallen so far. I strive to remember where our high point was, and if we had one to begin with. I suppose it doesn't matter now.

I'm sorry for rambling. Now is not the time for that. You're all the good in the world, my love; all that's left, anyway. We cannot be hopeless now, Victoria. Do you understand that? I want you to listen closely.

If I had more time to explain, you know I would, my love. But something catastrophic is about to happen to the world as we know it. By now you've already heard it; the whole world has been hearing it for months. But its going to happen now. The End. This, right now, this is the climax, Victoria; you and I and the entire rest of the world are living in it, together. Victoria, if I could change fate now, I would do it. But I am only a man. A weak man in a world at war. But, as i said, we cannot be hopeless now. We can't afford it. So a sacrifice must be made to benefit a greater cause. You are the greater cause, Victoria. I've failed so much in recent years, my love. I will not fail you, and though I should hold malice for this undeserving world, I will not fail it either.

By the time you receive this letter, Victoria, you will be somewhere safe. But I will not be with you.

Remainder of document lost.

Day Two

The cards are on the table.




Now play.

Project Fate is still alive!

Read the story so far here and stay tuned for updates in the coming year!

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