Day 1

Ascendancy: Story Announcement

Some of you might recall a while back, I was doing an MSPA-style story called Ascendancy, which I gave up on pretty soon because it took a bit of effort to make the panels but, because of my lack of artistic ability, they didn't even look that good anyway. I hadn't given up on the idea, though, and set about finding a new format to create it in. After toying around with RPG Maker and realizing, yet again, I didn't have the artistic skill required (but this time in spriting), I finally decided I'm just going to write it up as a fangame. The MSPA never got far enough to really reveal what exactly was going on, so I'll give a basic summary of the storyline here.

The game is itself a story told by The Enemy in the far future, to the inhabitants of a small town in the Darktendoverse who were unfortunately chosen to become his audience (and will eventually go mad as he forces them to listen to the story repeatedly for the rest of their lives, and perhaps longer). As such, the validity of the story is in question, and a lot of the abstracted gameplay mechanics end up having an impact on the storyline.

Two children, Aktoz and Ektaz (the Devotee and the Disputant respectively), are created by a mysterious figure (whose identity will probably be left ambiguous so as to allow the story to fit into a number of different Fan origin stories) and placed in a dangerous world where they must fight to determine who will become the ruler of the new universe. To do this, they have to collect the Artifacts of Ascendancy that are scattered across the world, and use their power to ascend to godhood.

I'll be using this game to flesh out my own interpretations of the Fan and the Enemy's characters, because I feel like too often they're classified as just "the good guy" and "the bad guy", but they're not really good and evil, they're order and chaos, and there is most certainly a difference between those spectrums (just ask Dungeons & Dragons' alignment system). I'll be talking more about the gameplay in a few days, but until then I've got a game I got the idea of from that generator somebody posted a while back, and then the first TF2-style update for Aeo Hunters.

Day 2

Mystery Alligator Pioneer General Announcement

Day 3

Aeo Hunters Update, Hunters

Day 4

Aeo Hunters Update, Beasts/Maps

Day 5

Ascendancy Gameplay Announcement

Day 6

something else, who knows?

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

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