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Day 3

Hello, and welcome to the first announcement by Raindrop Studios! We are going to reveal a bit of information about an already known game, as well as giving you an entirely new project. So, let'sss geeeeet starteeeed!!

Our project, Nintendo Jet Rush, will be releasing worldwide 23th May 2014. Of course, many things of this game have been revealed; even the stats and biographies of many characters have been shown. However, we are going to announce a completely new feature; the game will involve a story mode, in which Bowser, as you might have guessed, and several other villains will interrupt our beautiful jetpack racing. Can the villains just not have fun for once?

The story mode in the game is racing, but it is enhanced and different from the normal races. For example, the races are backwards, or you have to use a certain type of item for something. The final levels will be against bosses, which will admit their defeat. That is, if you manage to beat them, of course! They will probably do just about anything to win, so prepare for their cheating.


This is the only art we can reveal at the moment. YonenBooe's art for Apples Town.

What we've also included in the game is a free flight mode. Players can pick a location, for example Lumiose City or Dream Land, and fly around the area with their jetpack. They can talk to characters walking and living in these areas and they can collect items around these areas to unlock other things in the game.

Onto the next project! A new 3DS game; Apples Town, which is a spin-off in the Apples series, that resembles virtual life. Create your own Booe and decide their looks, and start up a life in a virtual town full of creatures from the Apples series. Visit your favourite characters and help them out with anything, collect many things like flowers, furniture, music, or even create your own later on in the game! Gain money to buy things like these by working and play sports and matches with many other characters, and do whatever you want in this tiny little town.

This is all we can reveal for this moment, thank you for your time!

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