Day 1

Pokemon Mirror And Illusion

While I've already comfirmed the game, (AND THE STARTERS) I have more to comfirm!

While the reigon has also been comfirmed as Lection (based on Hawaii) I have news: I'm revealing the playable characters! Now, in previous Pokemon games, there were only two characters to play as. Now, we have two males, and two females! Jessie, Vector, Vanessa, and Tobias!

Also, for your starters, Armeaf, Smalquid, and Firish, we have now made their first evolutions!

Treedier: The Army Tree Pokemon. The fungus on it's head is used as protection, releasing poison spores.

Magangler: The Angler Fish Pokemon. It uses the light on it's head and the scent on it's tounge to catch prey.

Octodrill: The Submarine Pokemon. It dives head-first, using it's head to drill holes in the ground.

Finally, the new villains are...Team Shadow. Team Shadow plans to turn Pokemon into statues, and sell them for insane prices! Can the heroes stop them?

That's it, folks. See ya tomorrow!

Day 2

Super Smash Bros: ???

You've known me for making a (weird) fighting game named Multiverse Umbrella. Now, here comes ICGI's turn to make a true, real, Smash Bros. Game!

There are only going to be two things I'm revealing today.

  1. Mario, Link, Samus, and the original 12 Smashers will return to the fray, of course.
  2. Battlefield and an unknown Zelda stage have been comfirmed. For the Zelda Stage, I'll say you'll wanna Master it.

Sorry for such a short episode, but tomorrow, I'll make it up to ya! I promise!

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

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