Day 1

We are re-releasing Rubber and the Quest for Diggy the Happy Troll, The first game featuring the well-renowned company mascot.

Day 2

Legendarii Pop-Fizz
Let's take a look at S.S. L-PF, The most spontaneous game this company has ever made.

Day 3

Master Hand Alpha
Master Hand:
On the thrid day of FSH, Games by L-PF features Super Smash Bros: Nintendo Legends, One of the most successful SSB game ever made by L-PF.

Day 4

Next on our list; Spore Party!

Day 5

Yarn Kirby
Games by L-PF presents Kirby's Epic Return to Patchland! a beautiful mix of two popular kirby games.

Day 6

Behold The Amazing Nintendo Heroes! A Nintendo-Crossover game.

Day 7

Gill Grunt
Gill Grunt:
Gill Grunt the Gillman, An origin story for me, Gill Grunt!

Day 8

Mountain dew
Mountain Dew:
If you're looking for awesome, just sit back with a mt. dew and check out Pizza Legends on the eighth day FHS.

Day 9

On the last day, we now take a look at the new display of L-PF Action Firgures.

YErubberYELegendary Pop-FizzDrum MajorBloobearyEMUTE

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