Maze Mayhem

Trouble in Paradice

Trouble in Pardice is a real-life simulation game similar to animal crossing. The game starts out  in outer space where the player designs and costomizes a little species known as a Saikoro (and yes that is japanese for dice), then they name it, stuff it in a asteriod and cast it off. So a few secs later it ends up crash landing on this unamed, barren, cube shaped (or should I say dice shaped) planet in which the player names. Pretty soon the player picks a side to build thier house on and can earn Kysha (money) to buy more houses and stuff. More Saikoros will move in to one of these houses, but the Saikoro atraccted depends on the base/roof combonations. For example a blue base and/or dark blue roof increses the chance of blue fisherman Saikoro will move into that house to sell fish items to the player. Up to 10 Saikoro can live on each side making the capacity of the planet 60, but more specificly up to 5 more of these blank dice planets can be bought in trade for a ton of Kysha. Crops can also be grown and I will explain thier purpose later.

So what else can you do on these planets, not much else besides a few other things better worth mentioning on the game's page. The real question isn't what can you do on it but what can you do with itSo as meantioned earlier, these planets are known as dice shaped and the game has Dice in paradise instead of dise. It has nothing to do with this awesome game with the same name as that uses ice not dice as the pun. So back to what can you do with it, to sum it all up you can go to a gaint galactic casino (that somehow shrinks your planet to the size of a dice and leaves your Saikoro normal size). It also makes all signs of life and civilization vanish on the planet, replacing them with numbers that appear on the planet's 6 sides. So frankly you can litterately compete in dice gambling minigames by using your planet(s) as dice, I forget how I even got this idea. The numbers on each side are eqaul tp the Saikoro populating each side. For example if theres only one Saikoro on one side, that side will always be worth a rolled 1 while the maximum of 10 Saikoros will be worth 10. It's pretty self explanatory and the casino minigame things are the main way to earn Kysha.

now i've gotta do some kissmas stuff so will add more soon

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