Day 1


For my first announcement I would like to reveal Kirby Double Dimensions! This is the first game in the Kirby franchise that is fully three-dimensional, and brings back many new features; four person multiplayer, ability mixing (Fire-Sword, anyone?), and even Dedede being an enemy. The plot of the game is simple; Dedede kicks Kirby out of his home in Dreamland and builds Dedede Land on it, so now Kirby must go back and reclaim it!

The GamePad player does not control a Kirby; instead, they do micro games to earn abilities that they can spawn and mix for the real Kirby players. The way that mixing abilities works is pretty much the same as Crystal Shards; Kirby takes out his ability star and throws it an enemy that has it. However, now one Kirby can throw their ability star at another Kirby and the hit one will have the mixed ability. We would also like to reveal that a new ability is called...

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