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Day 4

Ace Authorities: Chronologic Chaos

Being presented first is Ace Authorities: Chronologic Chaos, one of my games that was presented at Fantendo Freakshow. I already revealed the gameplay in Freakshow, so I'm  going to reveal some other things. First of all, the two playable characters are police-in-training. Their names' are Lawrence (for Law) and Justine (For Justice). The antagonistic group of the game is going to have a disguise theme implemented into them. Some of the gadgets the playable characters are going to use are handcuffs, shotguns, police clubs, and many other types of tools. I also planned some of the stages of the game but I'm not going to reveal them at the moment.

Day 5

Project "Conspiracy"

The next game I'm revealing is an orginal called Project Conspiracy (tentative title). The main plot of the game is that 12 people are trapped in a city and they must survive by playing mini-games (as well as obeying the rules) assigned by a robot mascot host character, and while they are participating in the game, they find clues about the Conspiracy game (who created it?, who trapped them?, why are they trapped?). The game has visual novel elements, quick-time events, exploration, puzzles, and a few other gameplay elements. None of the characters have names or artworks yet, but I did figure out there concepts and significance in the story. The game will be for the Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC (via Steam).

Day 6


Day 7

Hope vs. Despair

If most of you may have known, I'm a HUGE fan of Dangan Ronpa, a visual novel game similar to Ace Attorney and Battle Royale. I recently got a Steam account and TF2 is a pretty fun game, so I decided to make a 3rd person shooter (even though TF2 is first person) with Dangan Ronpa elements with it. Like TF2, there are teams and classes in the game. The teams are the Future Foundation (Hope) and the Super High-School Level Despair (Despair). Although I haven't plan any classes, I will reveal them when I start the project. The game will be for the PC (via Steam), PS3, and Wii U.

Day 8


Day 9


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