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This is gonna be really short, because I don't want to reveal much.

So, Wake of the Insanity is a possible fan-fic I will make. If I do indeed make it, which I most likely will, then it will follow Douglas from where he was left off in WotU/Chapter 7.


He is alive.

It will start off from where he was in the school, during the aforementioned chapter. He will eventually, obviously, run into more people after his "escape" from the school.

The reason I am making a fic about Douglas, is because I really liked the character, and wanted to write more about him, but since he isn't in WotU anymore, I had to settle with a spin-off fic about him.

You can guess this from the title, but the fic will also follow Douglas as he slowly slips into an insane state, partly from the realization that he killed/caused the death of two young girls (Jane and Katie), but also having to do with things in the new group.

I don't know any of the characters, aside from Douglas, so far, but there will be lots. I'm going to try to give each character their own unique personality, and try not to make them too cliché.

I'm not quite sure where this group will be, but I will try to make it more unique than a Safe-Zone/town or a campsite.

So, that's pretty much it. Stay tuned, 'cause I will try to write the first chapter before 2013.

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