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Hey, everyone, it's Wario here for the Fantendo Holiday Showcase! Today, i'm going to be tealking about the epic adventure that is Unten. Let's jump right in!

The  Feature Presentation

Unten, the Beorn hero was cruising along the stars, looking for action and adventure. Soon, a hostile warship approached. A gigantic battle unfolded. Unten was able to save his ship, but the warship exploded! Unten was knocked to a distant place named Tiktok, where he'll have to explore, investigate, and battle to save the mysterious planet from total destruction.

Unten is a forgotten mascot. It's been too long since his last proper adventure. Yeah sure, he's been in TONS of crossovers, but the poor beorn hasn't gotten a game in this modern Fantendo age. I am out to change that! So, jump in, and expirirence Unten's finest adventure.

Unten's unique magical powers and knowledge make him a different breed then the other main heroes. Immersion is key, and I assure you that the player will feel like a true adventurer, just like the great Unten. Have a villain immune to melee? Simply use Unten's array of powerful magic!

RPGs are a deeply loved genre! 2D Platformers give an amazing sense of nostalgia. Unten combines them both. Grinding through massive dungeons one day, hopping through the clouds in the next! Shooting, flight, racing and more will also be key. Talk about variety!

Items and weapons are here, and amazing as always. simply eat a hamburger and restore all health? Nah. Unten features a  much deeper system. Collect supplies, take them to Chef Beekabeeka, and an item is ready! It's a long process, but along the way, lots of fun things'll happen. Craft weapons to combat evil invaders! Excited, yet?

You should be! Unten will be an epic adventure. Coming soon to you and your 3DS. Watch out, because the adventure has just started....

Imdoueugo Ismr

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